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  1. It's actually a little further along that what is shown - Those pics were in my camera and I kept forgetting to download them off and upload them here. Tha manifold will be black... Your whole car is silver and black... That is unless you would like a midnight blue intake manifold..lol :bleh:


    ETA? Right now Akron is way behind and they were closed for 3 weeks. I also have Kevin's car that will be going at the same time to get tuned and ready. So, 2 at the same time for them means I can kill 2 Contour's with one visit.



  2. Valve covers are painted silver and cleared - They look sharp. I finished them off with clear and used a metallic silver engine paint so it would match your car. The front cover has cast aluminum finish on it which is what I normally use on most 3L's to make them look clean and it keeps the aluminum from etching with nasty stuff (so it looks good for a long time). Detail is what we are about, and it'll be spotless when you get it back.



  3. Wow, you noticed. Most people have no idea what color that is on the block. I like to paint the blocks to seal the pores so if there is ever any type of oil leak it's not soaked into the whole block.


    Adam - Lots of research to do before we get going on any newer bigger projects...lol. Maybe this winter will slow down (I doubt it) and I'll have time to take a good look at some other options.



  4. First off, find another mechanic - Most have a built in aversion to these cars just by hearing the name of the car itself.


    I work on 4-5 Contours a week... And have very happy customers. It's all in what it's worth to you - If you like the car keep it. If not, get rid of it.



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