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  1. Welcome to the forums contourest :)

  2. Welcome to the forums Johnboat :)

  3. Welcome to the forums gonzjua8410 :)

  4. Welcome to the forums edmonddaniells :)

  5. Welcome to the forums Deborah Brisson :)

  6. Welcome to the forums mophones123 :)

  7. Welcome to the forums 76jeep :)

  8. Welcome to the forums tailormaide :)

  9. Welcome to the forums Mspaz03 :)

  10. Welcome to the forums bbc1977 :)

  11. Gorgeous day outside!

  12. Thanks Everybody for the Birthday wishes! You guys and gals are all so great! Had a good time with the wife out to eat and relaxed some - Good day!

  13. Working on FCO for a while, and I guess I should since I've neglected it for a while and realized that there was a few things that needed attention..lol. Backup server is working fine though while I get things sorted on the main.. Yay for flexibility. Next is Cloudflare..

  14. Who's at work? This guy!.. Lol.

  15. So new job is quite interesting... Lots to learn. PCI Compliance and DSS standards... Fun fun! However it's a fun place to work and I'm looking forward to a nice long career there!

  16. Last day of vacation... Start new job tomorrow! Can't wait!! Hopefully I get some spare time to learn my new camera somewhere in the quagmire that is my shop these days.. Lol

  17. 715 miles and 12 hours later I'm home from Terry's... Boy do Michigan drivers suck!! (sorry fellow Michigan peeps, but your brethren drive like assholes!)

  18. Ok cams came, now waiting on UPS for a tire... Fun fun!

  19. Sitting at home waiting for UPS and USPS for cams and a tire... What a lovely Wednesday to just hang around!

  20. So I got yelled at by my current boss for posting my resignation as a trophy... I din't quite see it that way, but I guess it can be interpreted in many ways I guess. Also I found my privacy leak and plugged that up...lol.

    1. terryford8


      My newspaper publisher used to open our mail...so i put it up on the bulletin board with a note.."anybody else want to read this" he tore it down in a hissy fit. Guess the fool thought if we gave away any free photos he would find out by reading the mail. I outlived this ahole and made it to 78 Olympic Games before disability stopped my career...all the best in your "new life"/dp

  21. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way! What is it with mindless twits around here?

  22. FML, can I just walk out during a 2 week notice?? Comments?

  23. The bomb has been dropped... ;)

  24. Happy New Years to our family and friends! Have a great 2012!

  25. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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