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  1. Happy Festivus!! Lol...

  2. It figured after work the SVT starts right up... Arrgghh! Lol..

  3. 60 miles to empty my ass! Lies.... Lol

  4. S3M now owns a Thermax CP3... Man how nice is it having a heated steam extractor for interiors..!

  5. Sorry peeps, if you are trying to text or call - Forgot my cell on the counter this morning and as usual I am stuck at work from 9-6 no breaks. Therefore I'll get back to you later or call me at work @ 330-966-3825.

  6. Happy Turkey Day peeps!

  7. Up at 5:30, met driver at 6 to drop off Cougar from NJ at shop... Back to bed thereafter.. Lol. Now sitting in front of Petsmart waiting to take KC to the vet. Then back to the shop to get more work done.

  8. Just got home, found a big hairball that looks more like my cat dropped a deuce on the floor than a wrapped up hair wad.

  9. Hopefully a quick short day at work and then hop in the SVT traveling to Louisville, KY for some go-karting with NECO peeps!

  10. Installing new computers for child care and adult day care centers... Pretty much all day!! Yay!..

  11. Jim Thome is on deck... Nice!

  12. Parade lap shortly... Maybe.. Lol

  13. F*cking PIO mode on SBS2008? Someone in Redmond should be taken out back and shot for this travesty. 1 hr boot time because the primary drive is stuck in PIO mode is freakin ridiculous!!!!!!!

  14. FCO is back up, first wave of upgrades are complete...

  15. On lightrail heading toward the Grand Prix...

  16. I'm in Canton... A good distance away...lol.

  17. As of 2:30pm I am on vacation.... aaahhhhh!!\

  18. On my way to Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn for wireless installation... Nothing like a 40 minute ride one way to break up your day.

  19. Gymkhana 4 tomorrow.. Waiting patiently.. Lol

  20. The Band Perry CD signing at Walmart in Ravenna is killing me... Lol

  21. Dear Time Warner Cable... You suck! I'm sitting here at work watching a still picture for the past 30 minutes and we don't even have a box that I can reset. This is going to be a long day without any distractions... Lol

  22. Time for a bath for the SVT and then heading to S3M...

  23. At the laundromat cause the shop clothes are pretty dirty.. Lol. Never wash shop clothes in home washer.. :)

  24. Rear Big brake kit upgrade today?... Why not.. Lol. Pics later...

  25. Just getting wrapped up, James just left with an all new suspension, links and modified newer rear subframe all installed. Hope he enjoys it, it was alot of work.

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