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  1. Eating a Double Chocolate Klondike and watching some old episodes of Airwolf...

  2. Off to the shop, putting in quality time behind a buffer...lol. I'll be available, just call.

  3. I've just learned that there's "sock dust". Be careful throwing your socks, it may be dangerous... Lol

  4. Getting ready for series finale tv!.... 2 hours of wrap-up for a show on 10 years! Gonna enjoy this!

  5. TGIF... May be another short day... Need to finish up some last minute details on the SVT and then wait till next Wednesday for my new rotors. (Fed-Ex can't get here fast enough!). Hopefully my new friend up north has some tasty goodies for inside my engine... Waiting patiently!

  6. Happy Mothers Day.

  7. Woke up this morning and stepped in a nice juicy ( cold ) hairball on the stairs. Ohh way to start a Friday... Lol.

  8. 45 degrees and rain... Another useless weather day. Gloomy today!

  9. What's with the spam bullshit on FB? Gotta watch what you click on, if "Dad's Embarrassed", it's a trick. You'll know what I mean when you get it on your wall without your permission.

  10. Mother Nature seems pissed... Must be Obama's fault.. Lol

  11. Fired up the new welder and decided to take some scrap and lay some nice flat beads. It's like riding a bike, you really never forget... Lol.

  12. If you have a program called "windows recovery", "windows repair", or "windows fix disk" and it states your hard drive is bad and all your files and programs disappear... Don't fret, all is not lost - Just hidden. Ask for help if you need it!


  14. Is doing an alternator on an SVT. Wouldn't be so bad if the meathead who was here before me didn't pound the halfshaft on the intermediate shaft causing it to bind. Had to pull the intermediat shaft and CV altogether. Pfft...

  15. Laundry and reading the Rep, Sunday.... Lol

  16. BREAKING NEWS:...The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We all Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Any complaints about how we operate, can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-aaah with Dr. Sniffle Reporting Live from Quitchur Bitchin. If you like this, repost it. If you don't, suck it up! Life doesn't revolve around you!!!.

  17. Six boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting in the cupboard and I can't bring myself to open one and eat them... Are they that treasured?...lol

  18. My ramen noodles for lunch tasted like I just ate a chainlink fence. Is that normal?..lol

  19. Off work, bored out of my skull. My head feels like crap , and if I move too fast - It feels like it's going to explode. I hope these meds start kicking in soon!!

  20. Off work for the next couple of days sick... I don't know what's worse.. The sickness or the pills? .. It's beautiful again outside and I can't enjoy it because I'm tired and If I sneeze once more today I think I'll split my chest in half..lol.

  21. At the pharmacy grabbing scripts... Blah!

  22. New thermometer - check... Take temperature - fail. Battery dead - check! Walgreens doesn't have a replacement? Check! Buy a 5.99 thermometer to get it done... Win/Fail!!!!!!ยก

  23. Apparently the D on Mucinex-D does not remove the "Death warmed over" feeling I'm having right now... Yuk!

  24. Drove the Lincoln home for the first time, it's not as portly as I imagined. However it sure does soak up all the craters we have around here real nice.. It's like "small shake"... "what was that?" and look in the rear view and see a crater it just swallowed...lol. Beginning to like this car a little more.

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