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Status Updates posted by BuckeyeSVT

  1. FCO is back up, apparently nameserver decided to throw a fit on the server and that's was that... lol. All fixed.

  2. FCO is down, the server is working fine - But apparently the switch or router that gets us to the net is out/down. Will update when I know more about the situation.

  3. Is excited that his other half is now 1/2.1 ;)

  4. 4 day work week... Ohh how I like thee...

  5. Working on FCO, new server is like a 3.0L transplant in a Contour/Cougar..lol. I scored a pretty sweet deal on some hardware upgrades so I couldn't resist to pimp out the server....lol. Beware, things look normal but there are still some odd things going on in weird places...

  6. Sitting at work... Waiting for 6.... Yay.

  7. I finally get started on my car after all the shop cars... (I have alot to do this year!)

  8. I'd have to dig those diagrams up, you do realize I did that over 5 years ago? I'll see what I can do to come up with a diagram you can follow.

  9. Hello Jason,

    Nice to see you here.


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