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  1. 11 hours of deliberation to decide a not guilty decision? 11 hours to show how weak our justice system really is. Who did it is one thing , but I'm damn sure someone should swing for that little girls death!

  2. 4 day work week... Ohh how I like thee...

  3. 45 degrees and rain... Another useless weather day. Gloomy today!

  4. 60 miles to empty my ass! Lies.... Lol

  5. 715 miles and 12 hours later I'm home from Terry's... Boy do Michigan drivers suck!! (sorry fellow Michigan peeps, but your brethren drive like assholes!)

  6. 88 degrees and very humid... And I've learned the mods I've done to the engine have almost wiped out the heat soak issues I was having... It runs great at 90 degrees out ( and probably totally wild in 60 degrees... Lol ).

  7. Apparently Napster is being difficult today, and it looks like it's 80's day at the shop today...lol!

  8. Apparently the D on Mucinex-D does not remove the "Death warmed over" feeling I'm having right now... Yuk!

  9. Arrived in Columbus... Seeing some familiar faces... Good times will commence!

  10. As of 2:30pm I am on vacation.... aaahhhhh!!\

  11. At the Apple Store getting my phone looked at, it seems like at least twice a day the call app crashes when someone calls and the phone reboots. Hence, no call received and no log of call lost. I'm 4 days out of warranty, we'll see how this goes.

  12. At the laundromat cause the shop clothes are pretty dirty.. Lol. Never wash shop clothes in home washer.. :)

  13. At the pharmacy grabbing scripts... Blah!

  14. BREAKING NEWS:...The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We all Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Any complaints about how we operate, can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-aaah with Dr. Sniffle Reporting Live from Quitchur Bitchin. If you like this, repost it. If you don't, suck it up! Life doesn't revolve around you!!!.

  15. Canadian government is on strike, I have engine parts sitting in Canada and my payment is sitting somewhere in Canada... FML!! The post offices are closed, thanks for playing - Game over! Maybe parts a few weeks from now?!?!

  16. Complete suspension rebuild front and rear on a Cougar today... 1,2,3... GO!

  17. Congrats Fed-Ex for making it to the top of my shiz list. Why not lose one-off prototype engine parts from an international company? I get a call everyday now from a guy in Pittsburgh, PA reminding me they are still lost. Way to rub it in Fed-Ex, way to rub it in!

  18. Dear Time Warner Cable... You suck! I'm sitting here at work watching a still picture for the past 30 minutes and we don't even have a box that I can reset. This is going to be a long day without any distractions... Lol

  19. Dinner with the wife and Green Hornet!! Lol...

  20. Drove the Lincoln home for the first time, it's not as portly as I imagined. However it sure does soak up all the craters we have around here real nice.. It's like "small shake"... "what was that?" and look in the rear view and see a crater it just swallowed...lol. Beginning to like this car a little more.

  21. Eating a Double Chocolate Klondike and watching some old episodes of Airwolf...

  22. eBay parts make me so angry.. Never fit, why even ask for directions?.. Lol

  23. F*cking PIO mode on SBS2008? Someone in Redmond should be taken out back and shot for this travesty. 1 hr boot time because the primary drive is stuck in PIO mode is freakin ridiculous!!!!!!!

  24. FCO is back up, apparently nameserver decided to throw a fit on the server and that's was that... lol. All fixed.

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