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Status Updates posted by BuckeyeSVT

  1. FCO is back up, first wave of upgrades are complete...

  2. FCO is down, figuring it out.Should be back up shortly.

  3. FCO is down, the server is working fine - But apparently the switch or router that gets us to the net is out/down. Will update when I know more about the situation.

  4. Finally made it home a little bit ago, but not before being pulled over by OSP for my "missing" front plate... Umm... Fresh paint excuse works everytime!... Off with warning till next time.

  5. Fired up the new welder and decided to take some scrap and lay some nice flat beads. It's like riding a bike, you really never forget... Lol.

  6. FML, can I just walk out during a 2 week notice?? Comments?

  7. Getting ready for series finale tv!.... 2 hours of wrap-up for a show on 10 years! Gonna enjoy this!

  8. Going for the record of how many times I can be called an ass today... Lol

  9. Gorgeous day outside!

  10. Great weather, but the size of the potholes around here prohibit riding around on 18's... :-(

  11. Gymkhana 4 tomorrow.. Waiting patiently.. Lol

  12. Happy 4th of July.

  13. Happy Festivus!! Lol...

  14. Happy Mothers Day.

  15. Happy New Years to our family and friends! Have a great 2012!

  16. Happy New Years.. At Spike and Aprils playing StreetFighter and then Call of Duty.. Zombies!

  17. Happy Rapture Day... However I think it's a bust as we're already over the deadline.. Oh well, should have told us it was going to be National Free Gas Day... Would've been more exciting and less Biblical.. Lol

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to all friends and family!

  19. Happy Turkey Day peeps!

  20. Hello Jason,

    Nice to see you here.


  21. Hopefully a quick short day at work and then hop in the SVT traveling to Louisville, KY for some go-karting with NECO peeps!

  22. I finally get started on my car after all the shop cars... (I have alot to do this year!)

  23. I visited 2 Walmart's today, more than I ever have in my life.. Lol. All work related folks... Lol

  24. I'd have to dig those diagrams up, you do realize I did that over 5 years ago? I'll see what I can do to come up with a diagram you can follow.

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