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  1. I'm in Canton... A good distance away...lol.

  2. I've just learned that there's "sock dust". Be careful throwing your socks, it may be dangerous... Lol

  3. If you have a program called "windows recovery", "windows repair", or "windows fix disk" and it states your hard drive is bad and all your files and programs disappear... Don't fret, all is not lost - Just hidden. Ask for help if you need it!

  4. In Soviet Russia the Internet browses you...

  5. Installing new computers for child care and adult day care centers... Pretty much all day!! Yay!..

  6. Is doing an alternator on an SVT. Wouldn't be so bad if the meathead who was here before me didn't pound the halfshaft on the intermediate shaft causing it to bind. Had to pull the intermediat shaft and CV altogether. Pfft...

  7. Is excited that his other half is now 1/2.1 ;)

  8. It figured after work the SVT starts right up... Arrgghh! Lol..

  9. It's National Free Donut day! I went and got mine... Lol.

  10. Jim Thome is on deck... Nice!

  11. Just getting wrapped up, James just left with an all new suspension, links and modified newer rear subframe all installed. Hope he enjoys it, it was alot of work.

  12. Just got home, found a big hairball that looks more like my cat dropped a deuce on the floor than a wrapped up hair wad.

  13. Just passed the Google "Street View" car... Funky camera strapped to the roof.. I'm sure I'll appear in the map update on the corner of Everhard and Hills and Dales.

  14. Last day of vacation... Start new job tomorrow! Can't wait!! Hopefully I get some spare time to learn my new camera somewhere in the quagmire that is my shop these days.. Lol

  15. Laundry and reading the Rep, Sunday.... Lol

  16. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way! What is it with mindless twits around here?

  17. Looks grey outside... Happy Thursday.. Lol.

  18. Mac Defender?... Lol. Knew it was coming sooner or later. Apple OSX isn't bulletproof like everyone pretends. Hope if you are using a Mac you have an antivirus client.. Cause it's out there.

  19. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  20. Mother Nature seems pissed... Must be Obama's fault.. Lol

  21. My brain has gone south... 2+2= cheeseburger?... Lol

  22. My ramen noodles for lunch tasted like I just ate a chainlink fence. Is that normal?..lol

  23. My vibration from 65-75 is gone... Was the rotors the whole time. Who would have thought rotors could cause a vibration on the highway?... Damn glad it's gone.. Lol

  24. New thermometer - check... Take temperature - fail. Battery dead - check! Walgreens doesn't have a replacement? Check! Buy a 5.99 thermometer to get it done... Win/Fail!!!!!!ยก

  25. Nothing like the roar of a big server at full song to make hearing people on the phone and co-workers hard.... Lol. Sounds like a jet engine on startup and it idles like a hairdryer.. Lol

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