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  1. Off for a holiday cruise in the SVT .. Destination... Pittsburgh!... Do lunch and some shopping. ;)

  2. Off to the shop, putting in quality time behind a buffer...lol. I'll be available, just call.

  3. Off work for the next couple of days sick... I don't know what's worse.. The sickness or the pills? .. It's beautiful again outside and I can't enjoy it because I'm tired and If I sneeze once more today I think I'll split my chest in half..lol.

  4. Off work, bored out of my skull. My head feels like crap , and if I move too fast - It feels like it's going to explode. I hope these meds start kicking in soon!!

  5. Officially registered and paid for CF 2011... Digging out raffle goodies.. Got quite a few.


  7. Ok cams came, now waiting on UPS for a tire... Fun fun!

  8. On lightrail heading toward the Grand Prix...

  9. On my way to Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn for wireless installation... Nothing like a 40 minute ride one way to break up your day.

  10. One eye open.. Getting through this slow day which I have about zero energy for! Waiting for the white stuff to pile up outside, thinking happy happy thoughts today.. Lol

  11. Parade lap shortly... Maybe.. Lol

  12. Power tools for Christmas?? Why yes, how did you know they were my favorite?.. Lol.

  13. Rear Big brake kit upgrade today?... Why not.. Lol. Pics later...

  14. S3M now owns a Thermax CP3... Man how nice is it having a heated steam extractor for interiors..!

  15. Sitting at home waiting for UPS and USPS for cams and a tire... What a lovely Wednesday to just hang around!

  16. Sitting at work... Waiting for 6.... Yay.

  17. Six boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting in the cupboard and I can't bring myself to open one and eat them... Are they that treasured?...lol

  18. Snow again.. Blah. To sum up today so far in a few words... Frontal lobotomy required. That's the level were at today.. Don't listen , argue and then try it your way. Fail. I haven't laughed yet when I was right.. But by the end of this day I'm going to be tired of being right.. Is there such a thing?

  19. So I got yelled at by my current boss for posting my resignation as a trophy... I din't quite see it that way, but I guess it can be interpreted in many ways I guess. Also I found my privacy leak and plugged that up...lol.

    1. terryford8


      My newspaper publisher used to open our mail...so i put it up on the bulletin board with a note.."anybody else want to read this" he tore it down in a hissy fit. Guess the fool thought if we gave away any free photos he would find out by reading the mail. I outlived this ahole and made it to 78 Olympic Games before disability stopped my career...all the best in your "new life"/dp

  20. So new job is quite interesting... Lots to learn. PCI Compliance and DSS standards... Fun fun! However it's a fun place to work and I'm looking forward to a nice long career there!

  21. So the wife's Fusion won't start this morning.. Data Error on dash and blinking security light.. Yay! Looks like my day off has already been completely filled... Lol.

  22. So, yesterday went well.. I worked all day and night (8am-2am) just to get this work project finally fixed. It's funny when I gave the instruction to join the workstations to the domain that doesn't mean leave them on the workgroup..!!! Going bonkers here!!! I'll do it all myself thanks.. Always do.

  23. SOA.... Was that not a brilliant season finale?

  24. Sorry peeps, if you are trying to text or call - Forgot my cell on the counter this morning and as usual I am stuck at work from 9-6 no breaks. Therefore I'll get back to you later or call me at work @ 330-966-3825.

  25. Stark County sales tax rate drops to 5.75% on July 1st!... Nice!

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