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  1. TGIF has morphed into "WhatTheFuckstory" Friday! Currently riding on the SS Failboat heading for a Titanic ending with no lifejacket!

  2. TGIF... May be another short day... Need to finish up some last minute details on the SVT and then wait till next Wednesday for my new rotors. (Fed-Ex can't get here fast enough!). Hopefully my new friend up north has some tasty goodies for inside my engine... Waiting patiently!

  3. Thanks again to all my family and friends for the birthday wishes! I wish that I could personally thank some of you but geographically speaking that might be a little tough... Lol! 35 years in... Getting better every year!

  4. Thanks Everybody for the Birthday wishes! You guys and gals are all so great! Had a good time with the wife out to eat and relaxed some - Good day!

  5. Thanks Everyone for the birthday wishes! Spending my day off with my wife, who cares if we'll float away with this weather... Lol

  6. The Band Perry CD signing at Walmart in Ravenna is killing me... Lol

  7. The bomb has been dropped... ;)

  8. There's nothing like using a grinder with a wire wheel and having the binding fail and shoot all the bristles towards you at 10,000 rpm... I felt like I fell into a metal cactus.. Sitting here picking the metal bristles out of my shirt and pants... Blah!

  9. There's something about a 4 day work week that's awesome... ;)

  10. Time for a bath for the SVT and then heading to S3M...

  11. Ugghh.... Title bureau is taking forever... And forget about plates... Lol.

  12. Up at 5:30, met driver at 6 to drop off Cougar from NJ at shop... Back to bed thereafter.. Lol. Now sitting in front of Petsmart waiting to take KC to the vet. Then back to the shop to get more work done.

  13. Visited the Auto Show, looked around and honestly only really digged the Ford section... Browsed through other sections and went "mehh"... Guess I am a Ford man...lol

  14. Watching Jeopardy, only because WATSON (IBM supercomputer) is a contestant against the 2 best players of all time.

  15. We are getting a tilted kilt... No shiz! Lol..

  16. Welcome to the forums .2001.focus. :)

  17. Welcome to the forums #1Wesley1968 :)

  18. Welcome to the forums 007ians :)

  19. Welcome to the forums 00Cowboy :)

  20. Welcome to the forums 02rdking :)

  21. Welcome to the forums 12pot :)

  22. Welcome to the forums 1998svt :)

  23. Welcome to the forums 2000contourx :)

  24. Welcome to the forums 2000Cougar303 :)

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