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  1. Welcome to the forums zyzix :)

  2. What's with the spam bullshit on FB? Gotta watch what you click on, if "Dad's Embarrassed", it's a trick. You'll know what I mean when you get it on your wall without your permission.

  3. Who's at work? This guy!.. Lol.

  4. Why is it I get home at 11 after being at work basically since 7am and I relax to watch tv on the couch and one of the cats decides to puke. Great, pause DVR and cleanup puke... Ugh.. Way to enjoy my night left... Lol

  5. Why is Lindsay Lohan news?? So what! Throw her in jail, please! Tired of seeing / hearing about her on tv!

  6. Woke up this morning and stepped in a nice juicy ( cold ) hairball on the stairs. Ohh way to start a Friday... Lol.

  7. Working on FCO for a while, and I guess I should since I've neglected it for a while and realized that there was a few things that needed attention..lol. Backup server is working fine though while I get things sorted on the main.. Yay for flexibility. Next is Cloudflare..

  8. Working on FCO, new server is like a 3.0L transplant in a Contour/Cougar..lol. I scored a pretty sweet deal on some hardware upgrades so I couldn't resist to pimp out the server....lol. Beware, things look normal but there are still some odd things going on in weird places...

  9. Wow, Pittsburgh lost.. And the world is still spinning.. Haha. See, the world doesn't revolve around the Steelers now does it?

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