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  1. So I got yelled at by my current boss for posting my resignation as a trophy... I din't quite see it that way, but I guess it can be interpreted in many ways I guess. Also I found my privacy leak and plugged that up...lol.

    1. terryford8


      My newspaper publisher used to open our mail...so i put it up on the bulletin board with a note.."anybody else want to read this" he tore it down in a hissy fit. Guess the fool thought if we gave away any free photos he would find out by reading the mail. I outlived this ahole and made it to 78 Olympic Games before disability stopped my career...all the best in your "new life"/dp

  2. Welcome to the forums cougar xr :)

    1. cougar xr

      cougar xr

      Thanks, glad I found this site. Lots of information to learn here.

  3. Welcome to the forums nick616 :)

  4. Welcome to the forums blackandbluesvt :)

    1. blackandbluesvt


      Thanks for a wonderful site and resource archives for our getting harder to find cars.

  5. Welcome to the forums michaelstamper60 :)

  6. Welcome to the forums D.leap :)

    1. D.leap


      Hey! How are ya!

  7. I finally get started on my car after all the shop cars... (I have alot to do this year!)

  8. Sitting at work... Waiting for 6.... Yay.

  9. There's nothing like using a grinder with a wire wheel and having the binding fail and shoot all the bristles towards you at 10,000 rpm... I felt like I fell into a metal cactus.. Sitting here picking the metal bristles out of my shirt and pants... Blah!

  10. Working on FCO, new server is like a 3.0L transplant in a Contour/Cougar..lol. I scored a pretty sweet deal on some hardware upgrades so I couldn't resist to pimp out the server....lol. Beware, things look normal but there are still some odd things going on in weird places...

  11. 4 day work week... Ohh how I like thee...

  12. Is excited that his other half is now 1/2.1 ;)

  13. BREAKING NEWS:...The Pity Train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We all Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get the Hell Over It. Any complaints about how we operate, can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-aaah with Dr. Sniffle Reporting Live from Quitchur Bitchin. If you like this, repost it. If you don't, suck it up! Life doesn't revolve around you!!!.

  14. FCO is down, the server is working fine - But apparently the switch or router that gets us to the net is out/down. Will update when I know more about the situation.

  15. FCO is back up, apparently nameserver decided to throw a fit on the server and that's was that... lol. All fixed.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all friends and family!

  17. Apparently Napster is being difficult today, and it looks like it's 80's day at the shop today...lol!

  18. SOA.... Was that not a brilliant season finale?

  19. Power tools for Christmas?? Why yes, how did you know they were my favorite?.. Lol.

  20. Happy New Years.. At Spike and Aprils playing StreetFighter and then Call of Duty.. Zombies!

  21. Nothing like the roar of a big server at full song to make hearing people on the phone and co-workers hard.... Lol. Sounds like a jet engine on startup and it idles like a hairdryer.. Lol

  22. One eye open.. Getting through this slow day which I have about zero energy for! Waiting for the white stuff to pile up outside, thinking happy happy thoughts today.. Lol

  23. Dinner with the wife and Green Hornet!! Lol...

  24. TGIF has morphed into "WhatTheFuckstory" Friday! Currently riding on the SS Failboat heading for a Titanic ending with no lifejacket!

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