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  1. Snow again.. Blah. To sum up today so far in a few words... Frontal lobotomy required. That's the level were at today.. Don't listen , argue and then try it your way. Fail. I haven't laughed yet when I was right.. But by the end of this day I'm going to be tired of being right.. Is there such a thing?

  2. So, yesterday went well.. I worked all day and night (8am-2am) just to get this work project finally fixed. It's funny when I gave the instruction to join the workstations to the domain that doesn't mean leave them on the workgroup..!!! Going bonkers here!!! I'll do it all myself thanks.. Always do.

  3. Wow, Pittsburgh lost.. And the world is still spinning.. Haha. See, the world doesn't revolve around the Steelers now does it?

  4. eBay parts make me so angry.. Never fit, why even ask for directions?.. Lol

  5. Watching Jeopardy, only because WATSON (IBM supercomputer) is a contestant against the 2 best players of all time.

  6. Why is Lindsay Lohan news?? So what! Throw her in jail, please! Tired of seeing / hearing about her on tv!

  7. I visited 2 Walmart's today, more than I ever have in my life.. Lol. All work related folks... Lol

  8. In Soviet Russia the Internet browses you...

  9. Visited the Auto Show, looked around and honestly only really digged the Ford section... Browsed through other sections and went "mehh"... Guess I am a Ford man...lol

  10. Thanks Everyone for the birthday wishes! Spending my day off with my wife, who cares if we'll float away with this weather... Lol

  11. Thanks again to all my family and friends for the birthday wishes! I wish that I could personally thank some of you but geographically speaking that might be a little tough... Lol! 35 years in... Getting better every year!

  12. Going for the record of how many times I can be called an ass today... Lol

  13. Great weather, but the size of the potholes around here prohibit riding around on 18's... :-(

  14. Ugghh.... Title bureau is taking forever... And forget about plates... Lol.

  15. Drove the Lincoln home for the first time, it's not as portly as I imagined. However it sure does soak up all the craters we have around here real nice.. It's like "small shake"... "what was that?" and look in the rear view and see a crater it just swallowed...lol. Beginning to like this car a little more.

  16. Apparently the D on Mucinex-D does not remove the "Death warmed over" feeling I'm having right now... Yuk!

  17. New thermometer - check... Take temperature - fail. Battery dead - check! Walgreens doesn't have a replacement? Check! Buy a 5.99 thermometer to get it done... Win/Fail!!!!!!ยก

  18. At the pharmacy grabbing scripts... Blah!

  19. Off work for the next couple of days sick... I don't know what's worse.. The sickness or the pills? .. It's beautiful again outside and I can't enjoy it because I'm tired and If I sneeze once more today I think I'll split my chest in half..lol.

  20. Off work, bored out of my skull. My head feels like crap , and if I move too fast - It feels like it's going to explode. I hope these meds start kicking in soon!!

  21. My ramen noodles for lunch tasted like I just ate a chainlink fence. Is that normal?..lol

  22. Six boxes of Girl Scout cookies sitting in the cupboard and I can't bring myself to open one and eat them... Are they that treasured?...lol

  23. Laundry and reading the Rep, Sunday.... Lol

  24. Is doing an alternator on an SVT. Wouldn't be so bad if the meathead who was here before me didn't pound the halfshaft on the intermediate shaft causing it to bind. Had to pull the intermediat shaft and CV altogether. Pfft...

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