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  2. If you have a program called "windows recovery", "windows repair", or "windows fix disk" and it states your hard drive is bad and all your files and programs disappear... Don't fret, all is not lost - Just hidden. Ask for help if you need it!

  3. Fired up the new welder and decided to take some scrap and lay some nice flat beads. It's like riding a bike, you really never forget... Lol.

  4. Mother Nature seems pissed... Must be Obama's fault.. Lol

  5. What's with the spam bullshit on FB? Gotta watch what you click on, if "Dad's Embarrassed", it's a trick. You'll know what I mean when you get it on your wall without your permission.

  6. 45 degrees and rain... Another useless weather day. Gloomy today!

  7. Woke up this morning and stepped in a nice juicy ( cold ) hairball on the stairs. Ohh way to start a Friday... Lol.

  8. Happy Mothers Day.

  9. TGIF... May be another short day... Need to finish up some last minute details on the SVT and then wait till next Wednesday for my new rotors. (Fed-Ex can't get here fast enough!). Hopefully my new friend up north has some tasty goodies for inside my engine... Waiting patiently!

  10. Getting ready for series finale tv!.... 2 hours of wrap-up for a show on 10 years! Gonna enjoy this!

  11. I've just learned that there's "sock dust". Be careful throwing your socks, it may be dangerous... Lol

  12. Off to the shop, putting in quality time behind a buffer...lol. I'll be available, just call.

  13. Eating a Double Chocolate Klondike and watching some old episodes of Airwolf...

  14. My vibration from 65-75 is gone... Was the rotors the whole time. Who would have thought rotors could cause a vibration on the highway?... Damn glad it's gone.. Lol

  15. Mac Defender?... Lol. Knew it was coming sooner or later. Apple OSX isn't bulletproof like everyone pretends. Hope if you are using a Mac you have an antivirus client.. Cause it's out there.

  16. Stark County sales tax rate drops to 5.75% on July 1st!... Nice!

  17. Happy Rapture Day... However I think it's a bust as we're already over the deadline.. Oh well, should have told us it was going to be National Free Gas Day... Would've been more exciting and less Biblical.. Lol

  18. My brain has gone south... 2+2= cheeseburger?... Lol

  19. Off for a holiday cruise in the SVT .. Destination... Pittsburgh!... Do lunch and some shopping. ;)

  20. Finally made it home a little bit ago, but not before being pulled over by OSP for my "missing" front plate... Umm... Fresh paint excuse works everytime!... Off with warning till next time.

  21. There's something about a 4 day work week that's awesome... ;)

  22. It's National Free Donut day! I went and got mine... Lol.

  23. Canadian government is on strike, I have engine parts sitting in Canada and my payment is sitting somewhere in Canada... FML!! The post offices are closed, thanks for playing - Game over! Maybe parts a few weeks from now?!?!

  24. Just passed the Google "Street View" car... Funky camera strapped to the roof.. I'm sure I'll appear in the map update on the corner of Everhard and Hills and Dales.

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