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  1. Congrats Fed-Ex for making it to the top of my shiz list. Why not lose one-off prototype engine parts from an international company? I get a call everyday now from a guy in Pittsburgh, PA reminding me they are still lost. Way to rub it in Fed-Ex, way to rub it in!

  2. At the Apple Store getting my phone looked at, it seems like at least twice a day the call app crashes when someone calls and the phone reboots. Hence, no call received and no log of call lost. I'm 4 days out of warranty, we'll see how this goes.

  3. Happy 4th of July.

  4. Officially registered and paid for CF 2011... Digging out raffle goodies.. Got quite a few.

  5. 11 hours of deliberation to decide a not guilty decision? 11 hours to show how weak our justice system really is. Who did it is one thing , but I'm damn sure someone should swing for that little girls death!

  6. 88 degrees and very humid... And I've learned the mods I've done to the engine have almost wiped out the heat soak issues I was having... It runs great at 90 degrees out ( and probably totally wild in 60 degrees... Lol ).

  7. Arrived in Columbus... Seeing some familiar faces... Good times will commence!

  8. So the wife's Fusion won't start this morning.. Data Error on dash and blinking security light.. Yay! Looks like my day off has already been completely filled... Lol.

  9. We are getting a tilted kilt... No shiz! Lol..

  10. Gymkhana 4 tomorrow.. Waiting patiently.. Lol

  11. On my way to Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn for wireless installation... Nothing like a 40 minute ride one way to break up your day.

  12. Why is it I get home at 11 after being at work basically since 7am and I relax to watch tv on the couch and one of the cats decides to puke. Great, pause DVR and cleanup puke... Ugh.. Way to enjoy my night left... Lol

  13. FCO is down, figuring it out.Should be back up shortly.

  14. Looks grey outside... Happy Thursday.. Lol.

  15. Complete suspension rebuild front and rear on a Cougar today... 1,2,3... GO!

  16. Just getting wrapped up, James just left with an all new suspension, links and modified newer rear subframe all installed. Hope he enjoys it, it was alot of work.

  17. Rear Big brake kit upgrade today?... Why not.. Lol. Pics later...

  18. At the laundromat cause the shop clothes are pretty dirty.. Lol. Never wash shop clothes in home washer.. :)

  19. Time for a bath for the SVT and then heading to S3M...

  20. Dear Time Warner Cable... You suck! I'm sitting here at work watching a still picture for the past 30 minutes and we don't even have a box that I can reset. This is going to be a long day without any distractions... Lol

  21. The Band Perry CD signing at Walmart in Ravenna is killing me... Lol

  22. As of 2:30pm I am on vacation.... aaahhhhh!!\

  23. On lightrail heading toward the Grand Prix...

  24. Hello Jason,

    Nice to see you here.


  25. I'd have to dig those diagrams up, you do realize I did that over 5 years ago? I'll see what I can do to come up with a diagram you can follow.

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