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  1. Nope sorry they are different. Now depending on build date the injector harness and pcm maybe compatible. But it would have to be an early 99 when they still had the return style system.
  2. Is that a two bolt y pipe? How much?
  3. Well I've run the cop setup and it felt like a hesitation when you'd get on it. Could be a bad cop, liked the setup but switched back to the coil pack.
  4. Hey Terry do you have a pic of the covers?
  5. This is a diagram of the repair. You cut the wire closest to the alternator connection. Then connect the wire coming from the plug to the positive cable. Hope the pic helps.
  6. Have it tested. But there is a repair you can perform to keep them from pulsing.
  7. Is this good for our tranny Terry? http://m.advanceautoparts.com/mt/shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/royal-purple-max-cycle-10w-40-motorcycle-or-atv-motor-oil-1-quart-01315/99983726-P?searchTerm=Royal+Purple+%27HPS+10W-40%27
  8. Their is a repair kit that Ford offered a while back. Which they don't carry anymore. But some members on ceg have these kits kicking around. I've seen them in a few junkyards and you child salvage them.
  9. Car has to stay return style fuel system. Each swap has it's difference in the process.
  10. Check list on the pull/install? Or just what needs to be done on the 3l.
  11. Nah man just a plain old clutch from a local parts store.
  12. I've had a luk in my svt going on four years with a 3l.
  13. First question what's in your contour now?
  14. Personally I'd go with the 3l. I have an 04 full 3l in my SVT. And love it.
  15. I'd say it's the fuel pump gone bad. It's a return style pump.
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