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  1. Just got a 2007 Edge to replace the Contour. I loved this car but it was time to let someone else enjoy it. I just posted it in classifieds. It only has 48,000 miles on it. I love the Edge. It reminds me of driving a big old Cadillac. All nice features great handling and really quiet inside. I know there are problems with the PTO leaking but mine is FWD. I have a Grand Cherokee for winter driving so who cares. I have been getting 20 mpg on an average and haven't tried the highway muck. I'm expecting about 29 for long trips. My contour usually gave me about 22 average city driving.
  2. I believe that in 96 the speedo was mechanical, driven by a cable. If this is the case, remove the cluster and see if the cable is turning when you drive the car. If it is than the cluster is good if it isn't turning the cable or gear in the transmission is bad.
  3. Sounds like the turn signal switch. The brake lights and signals all pass through the switch. Is the center brake light working? The fast blinking is an indication of a bad bulb or bad connection. probably not related.
  4. The center brake light isn't routed through the directional switch. The two outside brake/directional bulbs are wired through the switch so that the brake light goes off when the blinker is on. The problem is probably in the directional switch.
  5. That belt looks like it has about 170,000 miles on it and 13 years.
  6. Today Yahoo has an article about how the people at NHTSA have been furloughed and can no longer follow up on complaints and investigations of safety recalls. The biggest fault with this is that they don't have much power to do anything anyway. I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has been waiting for a recalled part since Report Receipt Date: NOV 08, 2012 NHTSA Campaign Number: 12V527000. The recall is for faulty airbag module that can go off without warning. I have called Chrysler and they put me at the head of the list for replacement. Big Deal!!! If they don't have a solution, it seems that there is no time limit before there are penalties and no real rush. Maybe we'll all crash and die before they fix our cars, that will save them a bunch of money. Ask me if I feel bad for the furloughed workers. I actually do. The mismanagement of government agencies is well known. It reflects poorly on the management of the agencies and In turn the management of the government. Both political parties are to blame. Both parties are peeing to mark their territory and don't give a crap about the people who they are supposed to be serving. Any suggestions?
  7. There are no lights in this bar. This is strictly a reflector. This picture looks like it was taken with someone's headlights reflecting in the lens. I was thinking that I might install some led lighting in the reflector but it looks like too much work for a daily driver.
  8. I installed a homelink remote that was $20 on eBay. It works great as long as the dome light isn't lit. I'm having a hard time understanding how the power supply for the swivel lights work. There is always power to them and I expected to tap off of this 12V supply to power the remote. Very weird system. I may just go the visor light supply and bypass my confusion. Does anyone understand the wiring?
  9. Sounds like a vacuum leak. The system doors control air direction and are controled by vacuum. I'm not sure if there are any usual areas to check first.
  10. The door lock relay is located in that area. The access is behind the glove box door. Random electrical problems in a Contour? How unique. Good luck
  11. My buddy and I did the change today after work. About 1 hour. We needed to remove the hold down nuts on the harness to move it back in order to use an open end wrench because his socket was too long and didn't fit between the firewall and the sensor. Not the easiest job for big handed guys. Still it's better than going to the mechanic at $90/hour. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks Dom Read the write up with pictures on the "other site" Looks pretty straight forward. My friend has the socket and yesterday I had my hand on the sensor without removing the coil pack. Guess I'll do it this weekend. (I will remove the coil)
  13. Ok just read the codes again and I got a pending 1131 code again. How hard is it to access the bank 1 upstream sensor? I don't have a lift so it will be off the the mechanic, Boo Hoo Hoo.
  14. The upstream connector seem ok. Removed it and contacts seem clean. However the downstreem wires from the sensor were rubbing on the drive shaft and had worn through the protective covering and were just starting to show a few strands of wire. I relocated and insulated the harness. No problem, I build harnesses for Sikorskys Black Hawks. We would have replaced the component instead of repairing because its really hard to pull over to the side of the road with a failure, lol. I really don't think the problems are related but I just avoided a future problem. I reset the codes and if they return I guess the next step is the O2 sensor. Thanks for the help, Paul
  15. I'll do it. Thanks Paul
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