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  1. Sorry for the delay...holidays got in the way. Springs were removed from struts. Need to locate them yet.
  2. I have a perfectly good single fan setup from my '95 Contour with the 2.0 ZETEC and 5spd. I would be willing to give it to your son, just for the price of shipping. I ended up redoing my wiring harness for the fan, and at that time went to dual fans from a '98 Contour. It is a West Coast model, so there is absolutely zero rust anywhere!
  3. I may still have my front springs from my '95 'Tour with the 2.0 ZETEC and 5spd. Same springs, I suspect. If I can locate them, you may have them for the price of shipping - both of them if you desire.
  4. Don't get hung up on details, details, details......remain flexible ;-)
  5. World of Speed is my vote. This is NOT a figment of your imagination!! LOL
  6. Very nice pictures, for certain!!
  7. Well, many, many years later I am finally getting around to performing this conversion. I referenced Aussie's posts from 2012. Not finding all my answers. What I have is a '95 single fan Zetec and a replacement '98 dual fan Zetec assembly. I have removed the single fan assembly. This is not a "plug and play" process. The '98 has a round connector not found on my single fan '95 Zetec. If I could read the long gone insulation color code on my '95 single fan assembly, I could make progress. Electrical work is NOT daunting for me. I will state that some/most of the wiring color coding is different between the two assemblies. Could someone comment on this conversion, that has actually performed it before? I am hesitant, at this time, to do a "non OEM" wiring setup/mod. I would prefer this conversion to appear and function as a '98 dual fan setup. My wiring is in very sad shape on this harness that runs to the single fan and A/C compressor. I will be replacing some of this harness with the '98 dual fan assembly. The rest of the wiring harness I will graft in replacement wiring. Any "overlays" of the two wiring diagrams would be super. If not, I will again attempt to create my own overlay. Thank you - Mondeoman
  8. Found the info - Jerry Balch, jbalch@mackaysposito.com. I know he is a member of CEG. We won't hold that against him ;-)
  9. Bill here!!! Sorry for the long absence. I will dig up this info - you are most correct PDXSVT - the battery tie downs fabricator (friend or relative as I recall). I need one - never got mine since I pulled the infamous "No Show" at the local gathering where these were dispersed.
  10. I will look for this and send it to you - PM. Thanks for asking. I ended up using the gauge cluster from a Mystique Zetec into my Contour Zetec - picking up the tach pulse required me to "hard wire" this into place. It has been reported that some (later years?) Contours with the Zetec have the Molex plug already wired for this tach inclusion - located adjacent to the interior fuse box. Not the case with mine ('95 Kansas City Assembly in Claycomo, Mo.)
  11. Let's be there for Payton. When he gets his drivers learners permit, Mikey and Aussie should have the honors of showing Payton how it is done.....in a Contour!!!
  12. Assume Mickey!!!! At least we know she is off to good hands; another "family member"!!! btw - Cassandra is like fine wine, she get more beautiful with age!!
  13. As you can see, I blew this one....too many Contours showing up at O'Reilly's maybe? When one drives in, it is "my queue" to respond!! Really guys/gals, I DO know the difference between a a 4 cylinder and a V6!!!!
  14. Hey TEAM, we have a new member to our folds - annaford. She recently bought a used 1999 Contour SE 6 cylinder w/auto. Of course she is experiencing ALL THINGS CONTOUR!!!! I happened to met her when she came into my O'Reilly's store (Oregon City) looking for parts and guidance (natch). She has a very straight 'Tour and I would like to see her receive full enjoyment from it. She already has remarked about the many tributes we have come to know and like (handling, looks, etc). I shared with her my enthusiasm for the breed (go figure, right?) and stated WE would be ready and willing to assist her in any way possible; our vast knowledge, resources, etc. Of course I suggested FCO - this goes w/o saying!! I find out last night that her alternator is dead, she is running off her battery only. Also her dip stick handle is broken off, just below the dip stick tube (top). She also has the "lopping idle" that is all too familiar to you 2.5 owners - I also am aware it could be a simple vacuum leak in a line. What do we say - can we assist her in swapping out this alternator? I mentioned the "get-together" on the 20th - she would be willing to buy the brats and brew in exchange for the labor!! What do we say? Let's show her the love we have for all things Contour/Mystique/Cougar!! Mondeoman IN ERROR - She has a Zetec 2.0 - Also her dip stick handle is broken off, just below the dip stick tube (top). She also has the "lopping idle" that is all too familiar to you 2.5 owners - I also am aware it could be a simple vacuum leak in a line.
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