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  1. Ditto on the above response from Al Seim. If there is someone who knows more about ALL aspects of the MTX-75 out there, I have yet to hear or meet him/her. Terry is not only knowledgeable of the MTX-75, he is a no nonsense type of individual. yes, he will surface for air at the appropiate time.
  2. Ferret - I like your reviews - you always give me "food for thought". Even My Falkens love 35 psi all the way around. I have enough padding "back there" that a trade off for increase response is well warranted IMHO. I have yet to own a pair of Falkens that haven't delivered superior "bang for the buck". This requirement is near the top of my pri's, at least until I win the Lotto!!!!
  3. Welcome aboard!!! You will find that there are a few of us that LOVE the 2.0 Zetec with the 5 speed manual....MYSELF being one of them ;-)!! The opportunity will prevail itself when you can contribute to these Forums!!! PROMISE!! I look forward to your contributions!!! Mondeoman
  4. See the following: http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/stereodetail/813.html
  5. Mike - you do this and I PROMISE I will make it there!!!! Shop and heat - doesn't get any better than this!!!
  6. Yes - parts car - this needs to become a priority so Mike can shelter the MB fleet.
  7. Well I do not see where you have posted in any of the Forums, requesting the above information or even a "consult" (PM) from Terry Haines. I PROMISE you he DOES exsist!!! Being that he made a move over the summer, across a number of states, and now we find it the Holiday Season upon us, I offer this advice: CHILL with us until after the first of the year. Terry does not suffer from blowing folks off - his reputation is SOLID!!
  8. So many variables come into play here.....there isn't any "one number" of miles that warrants strut replacement. N.J roads? Ca. roads? See where I am going with this? Let me ask - where the upper strut mounts ever replaced? If not, then these might be your only wear item. You ahve to factor into the equation a number of things, such as "are you paying a shop", are you doing these upper strut bearings yourself, etc, etc.
  9. Welcome Aboard!! Glad you "found" us.
  10. Aussie - yes indeed CNG 'Tour is running just fine!! No other issues discovered; drive great!!! Tom's daughter is extremely happy with her FIRST CAR and has taken her CNG 'Tour down to Eugene and back w/o incident. I do hear that the turn signals (all of them) are not currently functioning. This will be addressed shortly. Thank you for all your assistance. If you get a chance, post those many pics you took!!
  11. Hey Aussie - just plus sizing is all that is going on here ;-) I am very impressed with your suspension and tires, after driving your '95 for a period of time. Those Sears tires have no bad manners that I could unearth - loads of value for the $$. I recall my Falkens being under $400 for all 4, via discounttiredirect.com, once mounting and balancing are factored in.
  12. Well yes, been driving for some 45+ years and this is what I understood there intended us was.
  13. Well I will take a stab - not being a V6 expert by any stretch of the imagination.....vacuum leak somewhere? I am confident out 'experts' will chime in shortly......
  14. This is crazy!!! I love it!! Way to hang in there!!!
  15. Sweet!! Always a good thing to hear!!
  16. Are we talking about the serpentine accessory drive belt or the engine timing belt? Both have idler rollers and both have tensioners, hence my question.
  17. That is NOT the solution we all wanted to see ;-( "Save the Clock Tower", Save the, errr Contour!!!
  18. Welcome aboard!!! This is way cool - more of us in the PNW!! How long have you owned your SVT?
  19. And to add to the above, CARB (California Air Resources Board) is "HAPPY"!!! Wow - very nice email ValCor - thank you!
  20. Well suspension geometry is where it all starts. Any and all settings, either within or outside design/alignment specs, will be amplified when using tires sizes substantially different than OEM sizes. The Plus 1 and Plus 2 elements come into play. Read the following, as I could easily write a book here on what happens to our 'Tours when you go with Plus sizing on top of already tightening up the suspension with poly bushings, lowering springs, progressively valved struts, etc: http://tires.about.com/od/understanding_tires/a/Plus-And-Minus-Sizing.htm
  21. Correct - never did on any of the 'Tours or Mystiques. Not too sure on the Cougars.
  22. Ferret, your thinking makes perfect sense. Of course the fact that I live in the SAME PNW as you, and drive 72 miles a day, and my Falkins giv eme super confidence. In my size tire, I amplify any negatives in tires design/construciton. None found!
  23. My '95 'Tour window sticker showed 185/70R14 as stock. Of course I now have 225/50R16 Falkins installed. 195/65R14 retain the same rolling radius as the 185/70R14. Your's are slightly smaller in radius due to the lower aspect ration (185/65R14 vs 185/70R14). See the following tire calc - http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html
  24. Neither a Focus or a Cougar will have a harness that is identical to your '98 2.0 'Tour.
  25. Saw the following on CR - http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/5267026546.html I know nothing of this SVT, but it sure warrants a look if one is interested in an SVT for purchase.
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