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  1. ive heard a few bits and pieces about a rear crossmember mod....im curious one as to why this might need to be done and two if since ive replaced my rear crossmember with a new aftermarket crossmember if its still an issue...any help is apreciated...thnx
  2. FYI i just put a new set of headlights on my 98 contour .....$80 each off ebay...oem replacements...i think it was just under $200 with shipping
  3. you do realize that 99% of the things you listed didnt come on the svts right?
  4. oh ok....understood.....no idea why mines rusted but everything else is fine?
  5. so when i bought my svt the ebrake didnt work....through further investigation i found out its the front cable...which is $108 from fordparts.com!! but anyway as i was under the car i noticed that my rear crossmember is severly rusted....the car was from upstate ny but i still dont understand how the crossmember is in such bad shape when absolutely everything else is fine...right down to the gas tank straps...can anyone explain to me why or how the hell this happened? and ive heard that the newer year contours have stronger rear crossmembers, so if i go to a jy lookin for one what year contour should i pull it off of?.......mines a 99 so i would assume i have the beefier crossmember. thanks for any help you guys can offer.
  6. My question is....is the rear crossmember on a 99 svt the same as the non svt models?....mine is rusted out and im looking at getting a new one and i found a couple but their non svt....are they compatible?
  7. as far as i kno that stop leak stuff is made more for fixing small holes in your radiator or drips by hose clamps....i dnt kno how well it would work for a head gasket issue.
  8. both very nice cars.....always glad to hear about ford fans....welcome to the org
  9. ok, my buddy used to have a 2000 svt 2.5L and it had the cone filter.....now im positive all 2.5s dnt have the cone filter cause i spent hours at the jy over the weekend looking....so my question is was it only the svts that used the cone filter or did some years have the regular filter and some years used the cone?
  10. NICE!.....and the wifes never driven it makes it even better.....im not really sexist but ill never let a woman drive my cars
  11. 1998 se zetec vct mtx,149,000 miles and still runnin strong 1999 svt 2.5 h/o mtx, 180,000 miles, (3L swap project)
  12. The home made custom mesh is prob what ill end up doing at this point but then i guess i cant ever take my svt there....i wanna keep the factory mesh on that.....it wasnt really so much the problem that someone stole my mesh as the point that i hate that ppl have to be scumbags about stuff.......another thought was to drill the clips and put a small nut and bolt thru so that it could atleast be something someone would have to bring tools to steal again....still pissed but slowly brushing this incident off my shoulder....thanks for the support guys
  13. pretty sure due to how many clips are holding it in....... it was there one night and then not there the next morning when i got to work, i got my friends keepin an eye out for anyone who newly got an svt or an svt bumper around my parents house cause i know lots of ppl are missing that screen and i know how hard they are to come by.
  14. so i stayed at my parents in easton pa this weekend....go out to my 98 contour se with the svt rear bumper....and my mesh is gone!!!!.....what the hell ppl?.....cant anyone have anything decent without it being chained up or risk getting stolen?!?!?!? .....so now im thinking maybe i wont drive to the city....ill take a friggin bus if its gonna stop ppl from stealing my shiz
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