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  1. sonic04edge

    clean contour, tint and some garage pics

    haha thanks man
  2. Got bored and did a quick clean. Really needs a good detail and new wheels. Anyway I put 35% all the way around and strip up top. Kinda hard to see in the pics, but its there lol. Get day time pics tomorrow if I can.
  3. sonic04edge

    Couple of pictures by the river

    Thanks guys. The weather has been pretty nice. Today was 73 and sunny!
  4. sonic04edge

    Couple of pictures by the river

    Some of my 2004 Ford Ranger
  5. sonic04edge

    New headlights/HIDS

    Thanks for the responses. The head lights currently on there are some I got off ebay new. The originals are beyond repair on the inside. Which is what lead me to get new head lights. I took the hids out for now due to flickering and also they glared off to the side a lot more then I thought. If I have the money or the guts to open these up I am going to paint the inside black and reinstall the hids with the correction for the flickering. As far as the cover goes in the engine bay it wasn't on it when I bought it and also its missing the mesh on the rear bumper.
  6. sonic04edge

    New headlights/HIDS

    Okay as some saw when I first got the car the head lights were in horrible shape. So this is what I started with. Then a day later I cleaned them up the best I could. Which resulted in this. Well I got my new head lights in and also my HID 8000k kit. Which now looks like this. Before After: Before and after: The last few pics where on my phone. So the quality isn't that great, but you can still tell a heck of a difference!
  7. sonic04edge

    New guy from North alabama with an SVT

    Thanks. I finally found it yesterday. Also got part of the overhead lights working, but the map lights are out. I'm having a hard time getting it out to replace them though. Any tricks to pop that thing open easily?
  8. sonic04edge

    New guy from North alabama with an SVT

    Thanks man. I got the over head console working. but the sunroof still isnt working so i'm betting the motor is toast. I checked retail on the car and it's still above 5k on multiple different sites lile nada, edmunds ect.
  9. Hey name is Mike just picked up my contour svt on thursday. Got it for 4600 out the door. It's a 2000 with only 86k miles on. I love this car. I've wanted one for a long time! Problems sunroof doesn't work...any thoughts on this? dealer said the motor is dead, but figured i'd ask anyway. Also I cant find the passenger fuse box. the manual doesn't show me where it is to well. My over head light consol doesn't work. So I wanted to see if the relay went bad. Factory headlights were severely hazed over. I got them cleaned up, but there was major water damage. So I ordered a set of ebay and also a HID low beam kit. Anyway onto what everyone wants to see lol. there are some paint flaws and some minor hail damage, but all things i'll eventually fix. When I first brought it home After I cleaned up the head lights the best I could Here is a shot with my other rides. 2004 Ford Ranger Edge currently body lifted on 33's. Will be selling it soon to get out of a payment. Then my 1995 Ford Ranger.

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