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  1. Hey Chicagoland FCO, ChicagoCEG forums are up and running again and we're getting ready to set up a meet at the Hooters in Schaumburg..... Sign on up and help us decide when we should all meet up.... Chicago Car Enthusiast Group Hooters Thread See Ya There, Steve
  2. Klasse AIO, One coat of Klasse sealant and one coat of P21S Carnuba Wax..... All purchased from Autopia Car Care Now on to the goodies....
  3. Tell me what to do then Terry. I need the car running again, and theres so many options I'm just confused. I have $2000 saved for the swap, and can probably stretch a little more if needed for something nice and strong.
  4. How much do you usually charge Terry. I'm looking for a used Escape motor to put in. Need my baby back, I miss her1111
  5. I used to own a Zetec, copy and paste the link in my sig to see the pics.
  6. OK, I don't have the tools nor space to do a 3L swap. So I'm looking at prices starting from scratch. I have the car with the blown 2.5 and thats about it. I'm in Illinois, but I could probably get the car to the surrounding states. Any idea how much this project will cost?
  7. bk4293

    Fuel Pump

    I bent up the bracket that holds the pump on then bent it back into shape to get the new pump to stay.
  8. bk4293

    image test

    I think you're just crazy mang!
  9. Chicago Il. Heu RG shoot me an IM through AIM.
  10. bk4293

    leds in switches

    Whats wrong with the master window switch Ben?
  11. Found out mine was the inner tie rod. Firestone wanted almost $300.00 to do one side! Found a guy to do both for $220.00
  12. I might have a set for the right price Joe. Give me a call if your interested. They're outta a 99
  13. Chicago, The best city on Earth!!!!
  14. Welcome aboard. Don't let the dealer read the check engine codes of your car if they make you pay for it. Autozone will read the codes and tell you whats wrong for free. Was it your VCT acting up?
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