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  1. As for the wheel hop/hooking, i'll be running a tubular front LCA now instead of 4 bolt. The rod shift trans that i was going to be swapping in was no good, so the tubular arms will help a lot. I'm also planning on running a true drag slick (bias ply.) Drag radials have hard sidewalls that dont flex during the launch. The flex of a bias ply tire will help it hook better, and put less stress on the axles. I plan to keep the single exit exhaust for now. I may take and modify a y pipe and make it dual dumps right under the drivers seat just as a drag setup. The trans that i will be swapping in
  2. Ok, so finally, after 3 years of waiting, planning, saving, and having things fall into my lap, i'll finally have another 3L in my car after running with a 2.5 since late 2012. I purchased a parts car that came with a 3L Hybrid with 3L valves and a rod shift trans with a Quaife. The parts car goes in for disassembly this coming weekend to evaluate what all i can use from the car (runs and drives.) Anyone who knows the car knows i have it set up for autocross, and that will be the primary use for the car, but if feel like no one has been trying for this goal after it has been deemed "Impossibl
  3. Hi guys, I haven't posted here in years! Since the last time I was on here, my 95 Mystique was lost in a flood, I bought a 2000 SVT with a 3L hybrid, did a little work to it, it started to rot out pretty bad, so I bought another 2000 SVT (1914) to swap everything into. I had the 3L in for 2 weeks before spinning a rod bearing, so I've been back to a 2.5 for the past year and 10ish months. 1914 started off as a 99.9% bone stock car. Just had a MAF adaptor and a K&N filter. Now, as she sits: NPG CAI, optimized throttle body, Torsen, PS and ALT underdrive pulleys, MSDS headers and Y pipe, gut
  4. Thanks for all the welcomes guys!
  5. you're bad man haha. I'm going to the Carlisle All Ford Nationals here in PA to pick up some Contour SE rims and Mystique headlights, just spent 200 bucks on some Ground Control springs, and now i get an offer for cams haha. Well it depends, how much, wats the lift, what brand, etc lol. i might be interested...
  6. wow, i've never heard something like that go wrong with a Tempo before... I kinda like the looks of the car. My first car was an 89 4 door sport and i fell in love with it. My mom made me get rid of it after i blew the engine in it for the second time (i was 18 at the time) and my Mystique was my replacement car. Then 2 years later, i decided i wanted another Tempo, but i wanted something different, so last April i bought a 2 door sport. The selling points were the color and the rear spoiler on the 2 door. I love black cars (although mine obviously needs repainted). But, yes, the car is mostly
  7. Almost forgot to add, i got a best of 38.7 MPG's driving from Harrisburg, pa, to Pittsburgh, Pa and back with a boat load of Tempo parts including a cast iron block. The car also ran a best of 16.989 @ 82.02MPH and that was before the poly filled mounts, and UDP. Running stock 185/70R14's
  8. Figured I'd post up some pics of the car for the people who haven seen it over on CEG... Here it is right after i bought it with 78K miles on it... Here it is a few weeks later... And i decided i didnt like the black under the headlights, and i wanted a spoiler and side skirts... Then some old lady from Flordia or Georgia decided she didnt like my door... (still isnt fixed and it happened a year and a half ago) and i decided i didnt like my back seat, or spare tire... and how it is now, with no ding gaurds, Ford Tempo 14x6 sport wheels, a
  9. Hey guys, my name is Mark. I'm new to this forum, but i've been on contour.org for almost 3 years now. I currently have a 1995 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 5 speed as a Daily driver. It has an intake, resonator delete, no muffler, hollowed cat, UDP, and the back half of the car is gutted out. I have some SE rims comming to me in June, and i just purchased some Ground Control coilovers this week. I'll hopefully have them on the car in the next week or two. It depends on how long it takes to get them shipped to me. I also have a 1988 Ford Tempo GLS that i'm fully rebuilding from the g
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