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  1. I have a new man cave as well. Not complete yet and already full. Rob
  2. I finally got the Contour home. The beatup old girl got some body work and fresh paint. I still have some work to do but can't wait to get it back in action. Color is Lexus pearl white with a satin clear. Here are some cell phone pics, I will try to post some better pictures when the graphics are completed. Rob
  3. I am going to Bonneville with the Contour! Terry as you know going fast is very difficult it is horsepower and aero vs. the air we breath. That air gets hard to move at 165mph. Here is what I know and I'm no engineer. The engine I have is making as much horsepower as a 2.5 NA can make, Maybe? I wish I had a management system I could tune so I could experiment with fuels and different maps. If I bought a new management system what could I gain? My gearing is perfect. At 164mph in 5th gear I'm turning 7600 RPM right in the powerband. If I can get to 8000rpm it would put me at 170mph and enough for the land speed record. The rules are very clear I have to have a stock bodied car with no modifications. The class is FPRO I think the rules are online. Ok lets figure this out, how can we make this car go 167.2mph. The other changes I plan on making are lowering the car to the ground, and 4 skinning tires with moon discs (I think it will look so cool) Rob
  4. If your interested? I was planning on retiring the Contour from Open road racing and just focus on land speed, that seemed to spoil my trip to bonneville last year. I can always run the Trans Am in these events. But it sure is fun to show up with the Contour and it is beginning to earn some respect! Rob
  5. I screwed up this year and didn't have my camera charged. We had a small issues with our tech inspection and since I had a new navigator we spent more time pre-running the course and the camera was the last thing on my mind. I feel bad for my navigator we didn't get the in car video. He has never done anything like this before and was a little nervous, but did a fantastic job. He told me he had fun and would do it again but he may have been lying. I don't imagine his friends will believe he went 164mph in a contour. Rob
  6. Finally it is race season again. I leave tomorrow for Fort Stockton Texas for the Big Bend open road race www.bborr.com. The first real test of the new gearing on my top speed. Last year I averaged 135mph, this year I have a navigator and we are going to run 140mph class. This is the big test for Bonneville, hoping for 165+ .Thanks again Terry for all your help. Rob
  7. I agree, they are fantastic to work with. I buy most of my parts from them! Highly recomended. Rob
  8. We've had snow for a month now but once it gets nice I'll snap a few pictures. I don't drive it very often but wow have diesels come a long way, it puts the old 460 to shame and it's quieter. It's an F250 crewcab lariet, Dark gray with black int. Rob
  9. Well after much research and thought I decided to buy a new truck. I bought a new ford 6.7 diesel and I hope Ford does not let me down. The duramax is proven and I really liked the new gmc Denali option but the Ford won. The new F250 just feels right and I can't wait see how it tows, it make so much power it puts the contour to shame. Has anyone had any experiences with them, Terry I always value your opinion? Rob
  10. I have the same computer and have experienced the same problem. The computer has to be shipped off and reprogramed. We decided to run it with the ford tune and with the correct fuel it ran great. I would be interested in what stand alone unit you are going to run. Sorry no help! Rob
  11. I stopped by the SPEC booth at SEMA and guess what? Their new product is a twin disc race clutch. I'll bet they got tired of hearing about how bad their other "race" products were. Not sure who is building the unit for them but they looked nice and they were sure proud of them. Here is a new picture I just got from SORC, can you believe the grasshoppers. Rob
  12. The clutch is installed, I haven't driven it yet but my mechanic has. He said it is easier or as easy to modulate as the spec (crap), the pedal is much firmer and the travel is very short. He had to modify the pedal stop to compensate for the short travel. He was thrilled with the entire setup so I'm confident. I'm going to SEMA next week so I won't be able to drive it until next weekend, but i will be sure to stop by the SPEC booth and give them a review of their products. Now I have to wait until spring for a 8200rpm test. Rob
  13. Is anyone going to the SEMA show next week? I will be out there looking for new Contour speed parts. It is car guy heaven if you've never been. Rob
  14. Here is a picture of the setup. It is a 71/4 twin disc rally clutch and AASCO Performance made the custom flywheel. Rob
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