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  1. For you guys that are in the Ohio and the surrounding areas, or anyone; we have three trophies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies that need SVT Contour guys to claim. The folks over at Germain Ford have ponied up the dollars for over 48 trophies. So if you guys aren't doing anything next weekend, bring em out! You can find out more detail here, and if you choose, you can register online.
  2. I'll start one for you Dom :) Guys, it’s time to celebrate our 2nd annual show at Germain Ford of Dublin. The first show was rained out last year, but we followed up and had a good time. You can view pictures here: http://www.svtoa.com/svtoaforums/showthread.php?14397-Car-Show-Rained-out!!! Everything you need to know is on the home page: http://www.ohiosvt.com/ Cheers!
  3. Hi guys, I'm from CBUS and the Ohio Chapter SVTOA is hosting a car show! I'd like to invite you guys out to have a good time if you're in, or near Ohio!
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