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  1. Does anayone know what TSBs 15622, 15418, 15622 say? I have a 2002 Lincoln LS V8 that pings under centain conditions. Of course two dealers can't reproduce the problem, but a private mechanic can.
  2. Hey it looks realy cool. I just wonder if that maifold can realy support the airflow of a 3.0L engine.
  3. Sounds like a great idea. Sign me up for a subscription. I would love to see some articles for performance mods on the Taurus and Contour.
  4. Thanks Dom. He bailed and drove to the mechanic we use. What a lite weight!
  5. fire=death They are only recalling because their lawyers say so. I doubt they would recall any car just because it was the right thing to do. Ford does not care about it's customers or if their ownership experience was pleasent. My statement is based on my dealings with Ford and their flawed products.
  6. A friend of mine has an'02 Taurus with a blown tail lamp. He opened up the trunck to change it and discovered a metal plate with many bolts covering the back of the lamp assembly. Do you have to remove the plate to change the bulb, or did he miss something? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am trading in the 4-door family rocket today. I would like to thank the whole Contour community for your support, advice and outright help over the years. These things made owning this car far more interesting. It is time for me to move on, car wise. We currently have two family cars so this one is the one to go. P.S. Are there any Mustang sites with the quality of FCO?
  8. '03 Mustang GT. We traded a '92 Mustang LX Sport Convertable for a Lincoln LS V8 Sport over the summer. I don't want two family cars :)
  9. If anyone in the NYC/Long Island area is interested. I am sure they will just wholesale it , so if you are interested give them a call. Anyone wanting details about the car please e-mail me. Bright Bay LM Contact Kieth Barje 631-859-1328
  10. OK, here is what I found: /> >The black/red wire is not shorted to grd . >key on engine off the bk/rd wire has 12V on it. >key on engine on the bk/rd wire is 0V. >At no time does the bk/rd wire ever go to ground. I tried to "see" some kind of transition at the bk/rd wire crossing the ~4000 RPM point. The voltage never switched and the continuity to ground never switched. Help
  11. I will double check the bk/rd wire. I did check it poking around and I remember it being always grounded, not a good sign! I will post the findings and let you know where I stand. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I would like to "see" the computer try and open this thing at ~4000 rpm. This way I am sure its the IMRC box. I would hate to spent $100 on the wrong part. You are pretty sure its the IMRC box itself? Ever seen this particular symptom? I don't like swapping parts without troubleshooting.
  13. I am having trouble diagnosing my IMRC problem. About 10 seconds after start the secondaries are opening. They close with the engine off. With the key in the run position and the engine off they stay closed. I tried to look at the open/close signal coming from the computer. I don’t see one. Is it an open collector output from the computer? If the computer knows the box is open will it send the signal anyway? Right now my suspicion is the IMRC box is malfunctioning and opening on its own. All the mechanical aspects are clean and operate smooth and free. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks for posting this, I had lost my copy of the mag.
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