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  1. Rod shift reverse light switch is unique to rod shift only. Do not try to adjust it out but remove it and check the screwed in 'pin' that operates it is OK and tight etc. A used switch maybe your only option...
  2. I was working on CDW27 for 5 years and never saw any V8 concepts/ideas. The balance and road holding would need a total rethink for a V8
  3. Forget a 3.0...It's more involved than you think. Try to get a low miles 2.5 and swap it out...
  4. ...the Contour ABS unit has an electrical plug which is prone to bad connections....worth a check.
  5. .....along the front subframe just below the crank pulley runs the PAS cooing lines from the steering rack to oil cooler..they are prone to leak at the hoses and the metal lines can also rust...Check the PAS res for fluid ..a leak from thes hoses can get thrown up onto engine...
  6. ...sorry for delay. With a hard brake pedal it sounds like the one way brake booster valve or a bad booster with a large vac leak..
  7. Sounds like you may have some major wiring harness issues..which is VERY common for most all Contours at some point...
  8. Nope the twin blocker was deleted from around 98 on...later have the single Slurry used on all SVT manifolds
  9. ...hate to say it but I suspect bad conrods that could be the start of spun bearings...
  10. Only the V6 SVT 2.5 had the intake manifold internal polished by the abrasive slurry method to smooth the flow. The info on the syncros is VERY wrong. Early Ford MTX75's had a 'twin blocker' on 3rd gear, later MTX75's went to a single blocker. A single blocker is LESS efficient than a twin. This was a mechanical 'downgrade' NOT an up grade. For Ford it was just a cost save as the single blocker used was the same as 4th & 5th gears. And cost less than the 'unique' twin used on 3rd.
  11. 1)Check oil level COLD before first start of the day 2)If level OK and light still comes on with gear shifts ,low revs etc then a mech type gauge should be used and 'real' oil pressure observed..
  12. ...I have yet to see an air pump on a Contour...
  13. Bolt pattern and starter location would cause a problem...
  14. ....today is the day after Christmas day and my wife and I have just unloaded a U Haul I drove,direct, from Mi to New Hampshire( 1000 miles door to door) with the last of our furniture stored in Mi...Members should note that we have, over the past 2 years, moved our shop and home from Mi to New Hampshire. In between we built a new shop in NH. It takes time to cover all this with just two of you. Merry Christmas!!!
  15. ....from day one on the 4 cyl Contour there has been an issue with rough idle when the a/c compressor clutch kicks in re compressor drag..FWIW the AC compressor DOES operate in heat mode to dry the air and not just in AC positions..To check this out switch ALL heat controls to 'OFF' position,no fans , flaps etc...Chances are the engine will be smooth...also check out AC pressures etc..
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