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  1. Mondeoman, Missed your post from two months ago but I appreciate the response. I realize it can be subjective and really boils down to what someone is willing to pay for it (what the market will bear) but for my purposes I'm trying to get the fair market value from it as a result of a car accident. Unfortunately, finding sold data to support my position for its value has been difficult to come by making my "battle" with the insurance company challenging.
  2. How much has the 3L SVTs sold for? Just trying to get an idea of market value for my 3L SVT with 165k miles.
  3. I had found that website by searching FCO and ordered a replacement a month or so ago. Received and installed it and it stripped out within 15 minutes of use. I emailed them about my dilemma and got zero response. If the gear wasn't $60 + shipping I might have just ordered another but at that price, I didn't want to risk another $60. I thought it would have been more durable and less prone to the same fate as the OEM. I had even greased the tracks to ensure a smooth operation. I guess I'm out of luck on my sunroof. It's truly disappointing.
  4. Does anyone have a source on a motor mechanism? I stripped the gear out of the one I have and haven't been able to locate a reliable replacement.
  5. Yeah, it could be vacuum leak. One I have yet to find and the reason for my question. No sense in searching aimlessly if the system can't even properly detect a vacuum leak due to non functioning oxygen sensors.
  6. I have codes P1131, P0171 and P0174. I have searched high and low and cannot locate any type of vacuum leak on either banks. I'm at my wits end trying to resolve my P0171 and P0174. I also occasionally get a very high idle (3000+ rpms) and other times a very steady idle (900 rpms) and then other times a very rough, hunting like idle. Not sure where else to look or if the two are even related in that regard. I haven't replaced my IAC to see if it solves the idling problem. This is probably a silly question but is there any chance that by replacing the O2s for the P1131 that it could possib
  7. It would be nice if it was that simple. Unfortunately, it is not.
  8. After a long battle of trying to isolate this problem, it turns out I have a pin sized hole in the fuel rail line. No success in trying to have it repaired. Being that it's a custom rail, I'm kind of at my wits end with it and not sure what to do next. I'd hate to continue driving it only for it to catch fire and that be the end of my 14 year relationship with the Tour.
  9. Unfortunately, I thought I had this problem with the smell of gas solved but it remains. I'm hoping it's not a bad seal on an injector. Time to dig back in to it.
  10. Thanks, Terry. I know it probably seems obvious but I just didn't see any lines that were disconnect. A second look and I found where the PCV line was disconnected. It was right in an area under the throttle body that was hard to see without getting some additional light in there. I must have knocked it off when I was running the new brake booster line. Now if I could just solve my overall vacuum leak that keeps popping the P0174 or P0171. It's one of the banks but not both. Only one of those two codes was present prior to me knocking the PCV line off. Any suggestions in terms of if it's b
  11. After parking my car in the garage and turning it off, short time later the smell of gas is very noticeable in the garage. I never smell gas inside the car while driving. I popped the hood right after turning it off and could hear a hissing sound but could not locate it. It only lasted for a few short seconds. I have changed the vacuum line to brake booster not too long ago and have the codes P1131, P0171, and P0174. I've had the P1131 and P0171 for some time now but hadn't had the P0174 which makes me think another vacuum line is disconnected. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, Terry. It was mechanic (me) error - problem solved.
  13. I replaced the vacuum line from the upper intake to the brake booster and all seems fine when the engine is running. However, when I turn the engine off with my foot on the brake pedal, it immediately moves to a stiffen position as if all vacuum is lost (if I'm saying that right). This doesn't seem normal. Can anyone confirm?
  14. Is the Ford CD application compaitable with Win7? I recently attempted to install it and got an error saying "Setup is unable to run an intermediate file needed to proceed with the installation. Error 106." I have no idea what this imtermediate file is.
  15. I'm still working to trace down what appears to be a wiring issue with my fuel pump after recently replacing it. What I don't understand in the scenerio I'm experiencing is why the car never stalls once it's cranked and running. Any time the pump fails to prime, obviously the car won't start. If I "gigle" the wires that lead to the pump, I can get the pump to prime and successfully start the car. It runs fine after that. So does the pump continously run once the car is running? And shouldn't I be experiencing some intermittent stalling if I have faulty wiring? None of which I do and the car ru
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