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  1. Finally got the bulb. The only place I could find it was on eBay direct from India in a 10 pack for 10 bucks shipped. It illuminates the white tip of the switch and the little fog light symbol. Before After After (in the dark)
  2. Finally I can replace that bulb! It says 12828-PHILIPS 12V 1.2W. It is not a 194 or 168 that I read on a different forum. Maybe thats for the ring indicating off/parking/lowbeam which is a different bulb somewhere behind.
  3. Is a 95 Contour supposed to have the lighted knob? How do you remove the panel?
  4. Actually I replaced the water pump a couple years ago. Nothing is leaking but maybe I need to raise the level a bit.
  5. Finally fixed my Contour. The engine idle RPM was jumping up and down, and sometimes stalling. I would have to put the car in neutral and rev it up at every red light. I dealt with this for months. So I finally replaced the spark plugs, wires, and O2 sensors and cleaned the MAF sensor. That did nothing, but it gained a few MPG. So I thought it was a vacuum leak or the IAC valve. So I got a smoke machine and smoked the intake and found the upper intake manifold gasket leaking, and the IAC leaking but I think it has a vent that is supposed to leak. I took off the upper intake manifold. Everything had a pretty nasty coating of carbon buildup. I assume this is from running too rich for so long? I didn't want to disassemble the motor any further, so I just cleaned what I could on the upper near the throttle body. I replaced the upper intake gasket, IAC, EGR, and PCV. Started it up and finally it's fixed!!! It runs perfectly. Bonus, the check engine light went out after being on for years. But the coolant light is still on, whats up with that? Anyway, I'm wondering about the idle adjustment screw on the bottom of the throttle body. I took the screw all the way out clean inside. And I don't remember how far it was in, or how where to put it now. But the car runs great.
  6. Okay I see. That would be cool. The rubber hose seems to be holding, but I would feel safer with an original hose in place.
  7. I tried to pull off the vacuum line going from the intake manifold to the brake booster and the hard plastic hose broke off. Where can I find this part? I hooked up a temporary rubber hose. Thanks.
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