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  1. 99ContourLX

    New Ride and Thanks!

    Hi, Hopefully I'm posting in the right forum. Thanks to Dom, Terry and everyone else on this site who helped with my Contour. I've decided to sell it while it's in really good condition and was keen on buying a new car. The finalists were all over the place, a C-class Merc, maybe a 3 series BMW, Prius and last but not least, the Ford Fusion Hybrid. I decided to get a Ford since their new line-up is really good. Here are pics I'll chime in to this forum once in a while but thanks again and feel free to ask questions.
  2. 99ContourLX

    The O'l 95 is purring again

    Priceless post. Thanks AF
  3. 99ContourLX


    Mine's at 152k miles and I get 24 mpg too. It's an ATX. Sounds right according to the Government: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/noframes/14210.shtml From what I remember on this forum, the earlier Contours (pre-98) always had better fuel economy.
  4. Call AAA or a local key service?
  5. From Blackstone Labs. FWIW, I drain and refill the transmission fluid 2x like Terry suggested. Drained and refilled about 3.5 qts each time.
  6. 99ContourLX

    Sachs "super" BAT, or Sachs anywhere else...

    Eric, Terry would be the best person for any transmission or clutch-related questions. http://www.fordcontour.org/forum/15-knowledgebase-ask-terry/
  7. 99ContourLX

    sources of brake fluid leak

    A long time ago, my Golf had fluid leaking from the soft line but it wasn't continuous. There was a small tear which would leak only if the soft line was pressed. Not sure if your Contour has the same problem. You may also want to check the bleeder valves. (I've only replaced pads and rotors on the Contour so this is a shot in the dark.)
  8. 99ContourLX

    Brake pad and rotor options

    Bat Inc. has a few options: http://batinc.net/contour.htm
  9. 99ContourLX

    New SVT owner

    Nice looking SVT. Green SVTs aren't very common. Welcome
  10. 99ContourLX

    14" to 15" wheels

    FWIW, my Contour's Michelin Hydroedge tires have completed 52,000 miles with no issues. I get them rotated and balanced every 6k miles. They still have 4/32 remaining.
  11. 99ContourLX

    98 Contour SVT Shift Tower Bolt

    Ping Mr. Haines in the Knowledgebase - Ask Terry forum: http://www.fordcontour.org/topic/13675-dont-mess-with-the-tower/
  12. 99ContourLX

    Ignition Key Problem

    Have you tried a graphite key cylinder lubricant? http://www.doorsecurity.ca/content/Lubricants
  13. 99ContourLX

    The Contour Miracle

    Have you tried replacing the P/S fluid with Mobil1 Synthetic ATF? I did that many years ago and it's worked out pretty well. Definitely quietened the pump a bit even though it didn't really whine.
  14. 99ContourLX

    Completed 150,000 trouble-free miles

    Thanks everyone. Dom, thanks for this site that's helped me keep the Contour in shape. I've been a member since 2002. IIRC, I first found this site when I encountered the returnless fuel-pump fuel starvation issue. Since then, I've learned a lot and have always filled up at 1/4 tank. :)

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