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  1. nice truck ever drive a 6.4 though its got much more seat of the pants feel so for a driver or light loads the 6.4 would be much better where the 6.7 outdoes everything is in the large loads up big hills then that motor will do anything you ask
  2. thats why i want to know what goes bad typically i dont have a check engine light on which is funny
  3. ya its a four banger contour nothing special but i got a 88 f250 diesel that has very few original parts left and a lifted cherkoee so when i get bored of 85 in this thing ill problly design a turbo system or a v6 conversion just for fun but i can do trannies just not familiar with this perticular one if i had a rebuild book id be fine but i wont pay 800 even for a shop to do it ill pay 300 for 4 junkyard tranies and hope one works
  4. ok i just got this thing its in showroom shape but it has a missing drivers door handle but its got 2 other issues needs rotors up front and it has a tranny issue thats my main question you need to start off after a stop in 2nd or 1st drive will start to work around 30 or so but when you give it gas it drops out of gear now if youre careful and gentle it will allow you to accelerate in drive after you hit 30 or so but its very slow exceleration almost like theres no torque from the motor help i like this thing and wanna fix it but before i tear apart a tranny i want to know if this is some common issue or just my bad luck
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