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  1. My wiring harnesses are forkled. I have a 96 SE with MTX and ABS. It just ticked over 100k this past summer. I found the Ford recall notice (99M03) and pulled out a part number for the repair kit. Kit is obsolete and I'm told unavailable. This from my shop mechanic, two Ford dealers, and "greensalescompany.com" (a Ford salvage place.) I even asked about getting individual harnesses (there are 4) but I get the "nothing found" stare. Rockauto also comes up blank in this regard, except for a long list of connectors. Is there a remedy? I don't feel comfortable building harnesses myself out of loose parts. I don't really have time, either. Would be a shame to scrap my car, though. Please help. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Dom. Although it seems to be a moot point, anyway.
  3. MNQ2 Is it an SVT code, and if so, what year/PATS type?
  4. Terry, Haven't done the pin count yet, but... ...wouldn't I have to have an EEC V computer for it to throw EEC V formatted DTCs? (You know, the Pxxxx type)
  5. Ahh! that makes sense. So the early OBDII cars were EEC IV? I guess I could confirm by counting the pins.
  6. Define "without much luck." Is that, "couldn't get it to run" or "didn't see good results?" Define "difficult to tune." What makes it difficult, relative to any other code?
  7. Like this? http://www.amazon.com/First-Tech-KEYOVERSL...s/dp/B000WARG32 Looks like the purpose is to make the presence of the PATS key unnecessary in a PATS-equipped car, so that you can do remote start. OK, so how would I apply this in a car that never had PATS (so no PATS in the key cylinder), but that's running a PATS PCM? It just needs power and a way to get its signal to the PCM, right?
  8. With all of that, what is the advantage of the SVT computer? Why not just tune with the chip and the SE computer? (Not arguing...just want to understand.) I understood the advantage of the SVT PCM swap to be that it was cheap and easy.
  9. Welp, figured it out. (search "module swap") Anyway, sounds like I'm forkled once again unless I want to do major re-wire. Although, the threads never really seem to finish. They just come to a point prior to the last "chapter" and then silence about a year ago. So, if I understand PATS correctly, the ECU is looking for a signal from an antenna mounted on the key cylinder. Is that it? Some people mentioned tricking the system with a dummy key and a loose ring antenna and hiding it all under the dash. Anyway, if I'm putting a PATS ECU in a non-PATS car, is it better to get the ECU with the PATS module integrated?
  10. Whoa, there, Terry. It's a 96 MY car, and definitely OBDII.
  11. Thanks, Dom. I didn't see in the blog... I have a 96 SE (no PATS module). Build date is Sep 95, but it's definitely OBDII. Could I swap in an SVT PCM? If so, which years should I look for? I always get confused about return vs returnless. Can't remember what I have. Also, would this swap require (or even benefit from) premium fuel? What fuel did you use for your dyno runs?
  12. Sorry if this is repost ad nauseum, but if you can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. I was reading through another long post and caught some info about using an SVT computer and bigger injectors on a non-SVT 2.5. Trouble is I go to search for more info on "SVT" and "ECU" and so on and the 4-character minimum shuts me down. Can anyone help? I'm sure this has been discussed before. I'm looking for more of the "how-to" info.
  13. In the process of replacing my UIM and LIM gaskets, I managed in my usual ham-fisted style to break a few things on my brittle old 96. 1. The black vac line that runs from the top of the UIM to the brake booster. The white connector that joins the UIM elbow to the rest of the line snapped like a dry twig. Is there a part # for this, or is it better to replace the whole line at this age? 2. The ribbed tubing on the firewall side of the PCV valve. Snapped like a mummy's twi...er...little finger. Again, anybody know a part # or name for it? 3. One of the bundle of vac lines behind/near the EVR. The ones that look like coffee stirrers. I don't know where it goes to. I think it was broken already (gee, I guess that would explain the air leak in the system!). Is there some kind of OEM vac tubing, or should I just replace with something generic?
  14. FWIW, this novice only parrots info from good sources. ;) And reading this I know I was tempted many moons ago to consider the "clevite mod" but, realizing my limitations, figured I'd probably hack it up and make matters worse. Funny thing is after all this time having done "nothing," no issues yet and approaching 90k. Praise be to the 96's! (and 95's, too). In fact, I got away from the Contour forums altogether because they just made me worry like a hypochondriac.
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