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  1. I would like to lower (raise lol) all the gears, so not just 5th. I think this means the output shaft as well. Anyway - so no one out here, no shop, knows how to do this?
  2. Kind of a sensitive topic for me as I had talked a couple of times with Terry Haines about sending him my HMS trans for conversion of the final drive....but now that he's gone..... My trans was built by Terry (according to the seller Billy Henninger) but I haven't confirmed. I know Terry always marked his transmissions but from the photos I've seen you have to pull the tranny to see it. Anyway, I know this transmission shifts much smoother, with better gating, than my stock one in my old silfro so I don't have any reason to doubt Billy. Regardless, I'm wondering if shotwell or mondeo
  3. momo GT50 50th Anniversay Limited Edition (200 copies). The hub adapter for a Focus works....if you don't want cruise control. Much fab work ensues.....
  4. Haven't posted on this thread for a while, but there has been plenty of cud-chewing over this next build phase. AWD Mondy's, yeah sure - not really an option since they're so rare. I've tried the idea of only sending about 30% of the torque to the rear of the XType to prevent damage, which in theory sounds good......except I'd still be dealing with the weak Jag trans and no Quaife. Terry says no way on hooking the Quaife to the Jag transmission. I realize many out there have already been through all this........With some luck, I'll still be pulling the engine this spring. My buddy Shawn c
  5. 1. PNWContour 2. Ivan 3. Jeff Allen 4. Darrius 5. FMonkey 6. Bugzuki ( maybe) 7. Pedro 8. Nathan 9. MotoCam 10. AussieFord 11. MondeoMan 12. Shotwell 13. svtlover 14. Ca SVT Driver
  6. lol spridget I like high revving engines, so to me the IMRC is really fun. The perceived lack of torque is really just the lack of displacement. The dead spot is just part of its charm! I searched the world over to find the "best of both worlds" and came across a 3.0 Hybrid with Stage 2 heads/custom cams. Bought it, love it, paid too much money for it. But, it has almost no "lag" - just big torque then on to an almost turbo-like rush up to about 7,300. So I'd recommend a hybrid with custom cams. I know a lot of people don't like hybrids but I love mine. Let the hate mail begin.
  7. I will need a definite date in September before committing but I'm interested for sure. Really want to see the auto museum!
  8. I will be there; will have to mix this meet in with driving exotic street-legal race cars during the "Portland Driving Experience" lol. My cup runneth over
  9. I'll be in the Portland area June 5-6 if anyone wants to get together. Satya (or PDX or whoever is in charge) - I'm still interested in the A pillar mirror mounts and the C pillar sail panels off that parts car if available. Glad to contribute $ toward the effort. Nice work saving one more CSVT!
  10. Satya it's been great watching your progress. Very nice. We have similar taste btw - my goal is a few cf bits and hypersilver or similar accents.
  11. Sorry I've not posted in a while, but nothing much happening. Thus far no luck on getting the cam profile; Billy lost the data card. He says he'll contact the shop that did the head work but who knows.......I don't blame him - not his car anymore. One note to make in response to 2000SVTC - I run 91 octane - without ethanol when I can find it - plus NOS octane booster that says it's tested to add 3 octane "for real", so you're right on the money here. 93 is not available in my town. At roughly 94 octane, the car runs strongest and smoothest, which in a qualitative way is proof that my h
  12. Update - I've taken info from here and CEG and looked through it. One thread highlights a Mondy s/c with AWD conversion build. This conversion is so inspirational - makes me want to just quit for now, save money, and go all the way with a s/c AWD conversion. In the meantime, I'm waiting on the custom cam profile for my hybrid - the prior owner says he has the specs so we'll see. Nothing yet. Anyway, perhaps, if the dynamic CR is low enough (based on the longer duration I've been quoted), the V9 may work. Still, with the high static CR on my hybrid (11.24 to 1 perhaps) it's not looking re
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