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  1. Thanks to you both. Do you happen to know if copying a key for this car would've been more difficult between 2000-2005, then it is now? I did get two copies made the other day, but haven't had the chance to try them. It only took a few minutes. But I vaguely remember that my father had a difficult time getting copies between 2000-2005, but no one remembers why. He insists that the car/ignition switch has "something in it" and that working copies can only be made by the dealer. Maybe someone told him wrong back then because he's usually very knowledgeable about cars.
  2. Are 1998 Mercury Mystiques with 2.0 l engines PATs equipped? I downloaded an owner's manual that indicates only 2.5 l engines are PATs equipped. I have one working key that is a copy and it is flat metal (no plastic on it). So wouldn't that indicate that there isn't a chip in it and that the car is not PATs equipped? I need 2-3 copies made ASAP and I need to know the cheapest way to do this. So if the working copy doesn't have a chip and is just a regular key (like a house key), there shouldn't be any problems and it should be cheap to make copies. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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