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  1. Hey Aussie Just bought a third mercury mystique remote keyfob for $13 and your step by step(with photos) programming guide really saved my bacon Didn't realize how easy it was...after u find the the connector to short inside the glove compartment. You also saved ME by Posting that you had to program all your remotes along with the new one I now have three remote key fob sets and one door opening only key behind the license plate. many thanks PS last time i crossed the United States/Canada border the US guard wasn't going to let me thru until I told her why i had Cibie Super Oscars on SVT front bumper on my 99 merc mystique Hopefully when i cross over tomorrow to get the two extra programmable ignition keys i won't run into the same guard LOL
  2. As I hope to keep my merc mystique till i die went to crazy levels and removed the windshield and glued and screwed down the dash. Was going to add a small piece of window tint along the bottom of the windsield to hide these screws from outside view but they are hardly noticeable and dash has stayed perfect for two yrs now Doug/CanaDoug ontario canada
  3. How my 1999 Merc Mystique morphed from factory fresh to full SVT body kitted MercSVT
  4. Would like to thank two great members of FCO Mondeoman and AussieFord for helping me fix some really annoying problems with my 1999 MercSVT a mystique with a SVT body kit Much appreciated fellows Doug P Canada ps if any member knows where i can get a 1998-2000 Silver rear spoiler in A-l shape pls let me know
  5. Wow Terry Now I see why guys like fellow Canuck Chris from CTA Motorsports sends their stuff to you to get fixed Chris started me on this journey of turning my 99 merc mystique into a "MercSVT" with a full SVT body kit I have already learned so much from you Aussie Ford clued me into the fact my 99 merc has a contour dash in it after i ran into trouble trying to find a walnut dash piece for my car..good old Aussie had the right part for me in a few days I am so glad you had a big hand at bringing this platform to the street at least thats what my faulty old memory remembers..because i have never enjoyed or worked on any vehicle in my 63 yrs as much as this one. all the best doug
  6. Ok Terry Didn't realize there was such a difference in shift systems He had talked about shift knobs and his shift boot being worn out Do the shift knobs pictured and the boot fit on his car??? thanks doug ps I just bought a new shift knob from mondeoman to replace my perfect leather Ford RS unit so the red stitching would match with my redline shift and emerg brake boot. Hi Bill Wasn't sure what Michael was after either...so i included the shift knobs and shift lever cover photographs for his info
  7. Like mondeoman I am a little confused about what parts your after Picture One shows the old factory shifter out of my 1999 Merc Mystique which is based on the Ford Contour...Also you can find the leather shift boot cover all over ebay Since buying a new shift knob from a member on here I know have a brand new leather RS shift knob and a Walnut shift knob that matches up with the walnut dash in some Contours and Mystiques I also post a picture of my old shift lever cover just to show u what they are like they just staple or u can silicone the bottom of the cover to the plastic piece at the bottom of the shift boot how some of this helps I tried to leave the photos fairly big so u should be able to zoom in on them to see the fine detail cheers CanaDoug
  8. Hey Rick Welcome aboard this wonderful site Awesome group of people here One long time member just went far far out of his way and got me two interior pieces for my 1999 Merc Mystique that i call a MercSVT because it has complete SVT body kit. (I won't name him without his permission thought) This modest car is my pride and joy but its really hard to find parts in Canada To have a man, you don't even know, find and ship these parts to me means so darn much its hard not to get giddy But at 63yr old...its hard to get anything...but tired.. Ricky have seen some of your posts and have been quiet jealous of your ride take care doug p Ontario Canada
  9. Awesome Site and some pretty terrific/helpful people Rolex watch has new 2014 Tv add for Formula 1 that leds people to think Sir Jackie Stewart might have driven with his watch on...i sent them a photo(a bit in jest) showing this wasn't true as early F1 cars often caught fire so Jackie is giving his ring and watch to team boss Ken Tyrell with brillant Lotus Ford leader Colin Chapman looks on Was very surprised when they sent me very thoughtful reply thanks so much for all the work you do on this site guys doug p Canada
  10. From the BAT catalog I have a BAT 21 mm on my 1999 merc mystique but when my OEM unit started to rattle my mechanic found the steel bar was ground down but the factory bushing wasn't...go figure When i took off the factory bar I was going crazy trying to figure out how to get it off.. Finally called my friend Chris at CTA Motorsports and he said grab it with both hands and pull it down sure enough it slipped past the gas tank and came off I did the same thing with the bigger BAT bar..just pushed it up and it slipped into place Front Bar Bushing 19mm (SVT only) K407BA $9.50ea Front Bar Bushing 20mm (standard) K407BU $9.50ea Rear Bar Bushing 16mm (standard) G408BU $7.45ea Rear Bar Bushing 18/19mm (SE, SVT, Cougar) K408B $7.45ea Rear Bar Bushing 21mm (BAT Bar only) K408BU $7.45ea
  11. Hey Terry thanks so much for the tip about my stoptech rotors Just wonder if its too late as they have about 150 miles on them???
  12. Forty years later I am still using my Cibie Super Oscar driving lites Just amazin how they light up the road vs my brand new Rockauto headlights Maybe not too pretty and while travelling to my USA mailbox the border guard was sure they were the biggest lites he had seen on a car and that they must ruin gas mileage..I didn't care what he said as long as he waved me thru...he did
  13. Wish It wasn't caused by ill health but I ran out of steam after installing front winter tires on my 1999 merc mystique v6 manual. As a result the rear summer(race style) tires on the rear has made doing ebrake turns into my country home driveway this winter an adventure in fun My son wants to committ me but it is scary fun..at least...until I tear off my new SVT front bumper and side skirts on a snow drift cheers doug p ontario canada
  14. Sorry for multiple posts I will have to learn this system when i try to edit my posts it says denied Anyway Few more photos...My SVT rear bumper started its "life" with me humbly on the back of off road vehicle in Michigan...it made its way to Canada via my USA mailbox so shipping companies don't add "border brokerage fees" and onto my Merc...now its off and at the body shop... Hopefully someday a rear door from the beautiful west coast of USA will join the group making this /Canuck a happy guy... Formula One Four Time World champs Red Bull Racing also started life humbly as Ford Jaquar F1 team..hearing the engine noise and seeing the glowing brakes in person..recommended to treat all ills cheers dp
  15. LOL i tried to edit my post to say the only upside to having my wife leave after 20 yrs was that i could turn my kitchen into a place to modify new brackets for my Sparco race seats..for yrs i had one sparco one apc..finally gave in and got another sparco but the spacing was different. This along with buying a brand new Ford rear subframe proves i am nuts But I love my 99 mercSVT getting final SVT part...rear bumper painted now to join up with SVT front bumper and side skirts..cheers dp Canada
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