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  1. Ok, thats all I really needed to know. Only thing that kinda sucks about it, is the only place I can really find that rack is at rockauto.com and they want another $100 core charge.
  2. So basically I shouldn't buy one off of ebay? Even if they say it will work? I am still wondering why rockauto shows one for 14-15" wheels and shows another one for 16" wheels but almost everyone else tells me they will both work no matter what size rims I have. Which in a way kinda makes sense since people put 20" rims on cars that only had 16" wheels, and it still works. I dunno....don't know much about front ends, just looking for a little bit of advice. Thanks guys.
  3. preferrably a book, but I guess the CD would work.
  4. I took it in to my local mechanic and had him look at it, he squeezed the bellow/boot and fluid came out everywhere. He told me that I would most likely need a new steering rack cause the seals seem to have went bad. I went on to ebay and looked at prices. They are priced anywhere from $93.00 without the outer tie rod ends, or 109.00 with outer tie rod ends. Only thing is, the compatibility chart they have on ebay keeps saying it doesn't fit the SVT. So I asked a couple guys who were selling them on there, and one told me it wouldn't work cause the SVT uses a quick ratio steering rack and it would cost $125.00 with free shipping. The other guy told me that the 109.00 rack would work. But I am just worried cause when I looked up the rack on rockauto.com they show there being a couple different ones, like one for 14-15" wheels and one for 16" wheels like I have. And I really don't want to take the risk over 16.00 and get the cheap on and it not work on my car. Does anyone know anything about the different steering racks for the SVT?
  5. Hey guys, I am having a problem with my power steering in my 1998 Ford Contour SVT. About two days ago me and my wife went out to wal-mart and when we went to take off and turn into walmart I heard the sound that the power steering pump makes when it is out of fluid. So I checked it before I went in to walmart and sure enough there was power steering fluid all over the ground. I bought a bottle of fluid and put it in before we left walmart. I kept hearing a bubbling sound coming from the reservoir area. By the time we got home (5 minute drive) it was already making that noise again. So when I got home, I checked it again and sure enough all the fluid was gone from the reservoir and it was leaking on the ground in our driveway. So today I decided to go check it out, I checked the reservoir for cracks, I checked the hoses attatched to reservoir, cut the ends off the hoses and reinstalled them. I put some more fluid in started the car and turned the wheel a few times so I could get out and see if I could tell where the leak is. I checked in the engine compartment, and didn't see anything, I looked under the car and it was soaked with fluid right under the reservoir area. So I turned the wheel to the left and looked to see if I could see anything leaking in the wheel well area and all I could see is dripping off the steering rod, and I could not see anything dripping above the steering rod. It seems like it might be coming out of the steering rod. I do not know much of anything about front end work so if anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks alot.
  6. Hi, I am looking for a repair manual for a 1998 Ford Contour SVT. If anyone has one and would like to get rid of it, please let me know. I am willing to pay. Just not as much as what I would pay at autozone. Thanks.
  7. Ok, thank you for your help. Would that make the brakes drag every once in a while. Cause it doesn't happen all the time. Its only happened to us twice...but the drivers side brake that never worked was dragging too.
  8. Hi all, I am having some problems with my brakes. A few weeks ago I went to change the front brake pads on my 1998 Ford Contour SVT. I started with the side that was screeching a little bit. The passenger side. I changed the pads, and the spring broke when I was trying to put it back on. At that time I didn't have a new spring to put on it, and thought it would be fine to drive until I was able to get one. I went to start on the drivers side, and the pads look like they have never even had contact with the rotor. So I opened the bleeder valve and had a friend press on the brake pedal, and nothing came out. And I really didn't even know where to start as far as finding out why. Well I figured out that the only brake that works is on the passenger side front. The back brakes don't even have fluid coming out of the bleeder valves. So anywayz, yesterday, I am driving around and I started to notice when I was switching gears that it was slowing down a little bit when I pressed on the clutch. Basically the brakes were like sticking. So I started to go home, and it got worse...when I pressed on the brake pedal the whole car started shaking real bad. I came up to a stop sign and noticed a little bit of odor and smoke coming from both front tires. I got home and I noticed that both of the front rotors were really hot from them sticking/rubbing. Thing is...the drivers side brake hasn't been working ever since I got the car...and now both of them were hot. I am not understanding any of this. First the drivers side and the back brakes were not working at all, now the front drivers side was just as hot as the passenger...like it started to work, but then got stuck or something. Can anyone help me, or suggest anything.
  9. What are the rubber pieces for in the disc brake hardware kit?
  10. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 20 December 2011 - 06:09 PM Owner: Moore102183 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  11. Hey everybody, bear with me here. I have a little bit to explain about this car. I bought a 1998 Ford Contour SVT for $200 and the person who sold it told me it had a blown head gasket. When I went to buy it, I started it up...ran fine...No white smoke coming from the tailpipe. So I thought to myself, yeah right...there can't be a blown head gasket. I took it for a ride...drove fine..no loss of power, actually it ran smooth as silk, and still no unusual amount of smoke from exhaust. A couple weeks later I noticed it started to run a little hot...well like all the way up...right before the red. But no noticeable difference in performance...I checked the coolant...It was almost empty. I put some in and it was still doing it. Anywayz, it would run through about a gallon of antifreeze/coolant a week...Couldn't figure out where it was going. Never seen anything in the oil, never seen any leaking under the car. So I checked the cap...replaced it, and sure enough, the coolant must of been evaporating out of the overflow tube...cause ever since I replaced the cap...I haven't used any coolant, and it runs completely normal operating temperature. Now to the main problem I am having now. I have this really weird problem with the brakes...I went to change the brake pads on this car, and I changed the front passenger side brake pads...all went fine. I went to the drivers side and noticed it looked like the pads weren't even worn down hardly at all....so I checked the two back brakes and noticed the same thing...no wear on the pads. I opened the bleeder screw on all three of the ones that didn't have any wear, and there is like absolutely no brake fluid coming out of any of these three lines. I did a little looking around on contour.org and couldn't find anything related to this problem. I need a little help.
  12. I went outside late last night and ended up finding out that that cable you are talking about did come off....Only thing is....Now I got it back on there, but I am wondering if there is supposed to be a grommet or something that will hold that cable on...because when I found it off the shaft it didn't have any clips holding it on.
  13. Hey Terry, I just joined the forum, and I have a problem with my 1998 Ford Contour SVT. I got my car out of storage yesterday. It has been sitting there for about 3 months now. I took it for a ride last night, everything seemed normal. I woke up this morning, took it to get an oil change, and headed out of town with it....about 25 miles away, I got off the highway, came to a stop light...everything was still fine...downshifted fine all the way down to second gear...and I waited for the light to turn green...I put the car in first, and it ended up stalling because I thought it was in first.....So I restarted the car....attempted to put it into first gear and it was actually in third....So I stopped off the road completely and attempted to get into first, second, third, fourth....etc...all the way to reverse.....and realized it only had a third and fourth gear...even when I tried to put it into reverse...it was just in 4th....if that makes any sense... Basically this is what I mean....if I try to put it into 1st...it was in 3rd, and when I tried to go to 2nd it was actually in 4th....when I tried in 5th it was actually in 3rd and when I tried to reverse the car....it was in 4th....so basically the only gear I can even attempt to drive the car in is 3rd and 4th gear.... It is just wierd to me why this happened because it drove fine for a day and a half and then when I stopped at a stop light it all of a sudden wouldn't go into any gear other than 3rd or 4th.... If you could give me a little advice...that would be great...
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