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  1. dont waste your money on the Haynes, that book was a total waste of my $10. i felt like they featured a different car... if you must have a hard copy for reference, i'd say the factory ford shop manuals... but even that book contains some minor inaccuracies.
  2. yes, big time kickback as if power steering was lost momentarily. i have not driven it except when the dealership had to move the car... definitely not road worthy at the moment. i had thought my car was misaligned at first when it initially started to steer weird. btw terry, i sent ya an email.
  3. i think i have a bad differential... it all started with a ticking noise from the engine compartment a few months back. then the ticks got louder and louder. searched online on what it might have been and had several mechanics look and hear and no one came closer to pin pointing it than my local pepboys. pepboys told me the ticking came from the bell housing.but thats all they knew without taking the tranny down. as time progressed, the ticks got louder but the car still drove, shifted as normal as ever. sometime last week, while driving home from work. i noticed while driving under normal conditions, that the tranny/engine felt like it was banging like skipping gears. thinking it was a faulty suspension i recently installed, i took it back to pepboys and they told me that it was the transmission tick problem manifesting. this issue was beyond their capability so i took my csvt to my local ford dealer, thinking they might be able to help. i was dead wrong. they've had my car for 3 days and today, they told me they couldn't further diagnose my transmission because they could not locate parts for my mtx75. they claimed that if they take the tranny off, they won't be able to put it back without having the spare part. i was bewildered... i'm going to pick up my car in a few and then figure out where to take my car to have her fixed...
  4. my csvt has a little over 131k miles. just a couple weeks ago, i noticed a faint ticking/rattling noise from under the hood. didn't pay much attention to it because there was nothing noticeably different when i drive the car. as time progressed, the noise became louder and louder. the ticking would be there right when you start the car and seems to increase as the rpm's got higher. when i step on the clutch to change gears, the noise would become muted, barely audible, then reappear once in gear. i know that terry has mentioned that the mtx75 is noisy. however, this noise was never there and only indicates to me that something is going on.... took the csvt to pepboys and had them check it out. the technician told me that the noise was coming from the vicinity of the bell housing. my tranny feels normal as ever and the clutch feels fine too with no signs of slippage. my guess was my water pump but thats now out the window since the diagnostic. i'm now guessing blindly my clutch or tranny due to the vicinity of the noise. but both feel fine~! i read online somewhere that bad transmission mounts could have an effect? any suggestion or comments would be much appreciated.
  5. so i think i figured this out! (with hints from a member of another forum) since the polarities are reversed in the leds, all i had to do was change the negative (black wire) and the power (orange wire) in the wiring harness. just did the switcheroo and worked like a charm!
  6. i took a second look at the socket and its actually a two pin type instead of 3. did some research on how to connect led's and completed the install with resistors. the LED's now light up when ever the brake lights come on! :) :) btw, the original LED's i installed burnt out due to the lack of resistors.
  7. took my cluster out and tried to figure it out today. i think all that needs to be done is maybe change out the lights to something thats brighter. the needle is lit up by using a clear plastic "light tube" channeling the light source from a bulb thats not directly behind the needle. i tried to covering the tube with red clear vinyl to see if that'll do the trick and it did not. so next thing to try is high intensity LEDs. :)
  8. robdog, your set up is correct! i was able to rig the bayonet so the bottom contact was touching the side by using some wires. was happy the leds lit up. however, after i plugged the map/dome light assembly back and flipped the switch, my #34 fuse blew. i blew that fuse 4 times and finally gave up and took down my mickey mouse rigged led map light. im gonna call it a day on the map lights and move on to something else. if you get around to making that spare map light assembly, i think i will buy that from you... anyway, glad you pointed me in the right direction! was thinking i had a defect in my led's or map light assembly...
  9. thanks in advance for when you post the pics of your setup! i'm gonna tinker with it later tonight or tomorrow. leds are definitely the light source moving into the future.... however, its taken this industry longer than expected for the lighting revolution to really take over... do you offer a solution that i can purchase should i fail at my attempts?
  10. thanks dom~! the contour community definitely is the most helpful resource over any literature or media. i think i found a fomoco shop manual for a good price tho~ hopefully those manuals will cover everything... :)
  11. you know what? that makes sense! im gonna try that this weekend! i've searched high and low online and couldn't find the cure... i will report back my findings! btw, can you elaborate on how you set it up? where wires needed or did you just bend the contacts?
  12. this is such a poorly written service manual.... there were things in the manual that i doesn't even exist or pertain to my 2000 csvt... or even the regular 2000 contour for that matter... pictures of a rhd mondeo dash and missing information that i can't find that should have been there... i feel ripped off/scammed by the publisher and authors... piece of advice for those out there who are considering this book, DON'T BUY IT~!
  13. thanks dom for the reply~ i should be more specific in my questions... :) is the contours cluster similar in construction in that it separates into two like the cougar's? im trying to do the needle mod so i'm trying to get to the bulbs that actually light up the needles... so before i go tearing up my dash, i wanted to find out if the same trick would work :)
  14. does anyone know if the same needle mod done on the cougars can be done to our gauge cluster?
  15. hello everybody~ i'm glad i found this forum! my title, "not new but new" is bc i'm not a new owner of my svt as i've had her since 2004. but new to this forum. :) in the past years, i've pretty much kept her stock except for the indiglo gauges, a set of fsvt door sills, and an updated stereo system. she has been mostly trouble free and been my trusty back up failing me only once~ aside from my csvt, i currently own a 96 impala ss. i sold my DD, a 2008 sti this past october due to some financial difficulties. my SS is a gas monger so i've not driven her for days. so now, the csvt is once again, my daily. currently at 128k miles, the csvt was in need of some tlc. i've begun to do some major overhauling since her resurrection in october. i think i've done over 30 updates/upgrades/mods in the past months! most of the mods were necessary due to wear/tear. after the overhaul is complete, my csvt should provide me with at least another 100k's worth of service ! i've got some plans for my contour, such as upgrading to 5 lug wheel pattern, the 3L swap with forced induction, awd from xtype, and 6sp mt. but those are just pipe dreams for the time being... gotta take baby steps before i start running~
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