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  1. I've located the alleged gauge sender and checked both wiring terminals. One is a ground, the other has 6.8vdc to it. Removing fuse #30 (engine management) stops current flow. Am I correct in assuming that I cannot ground the hot lead to check gauge operation? My trusty Haynes manual wiring diagram shows a direct feed from fuse 30(battery voltage) to both temp and fuel gauges. So, can anyone help point me in the right direction here? I'm not averse to buying a sender if it's needed, I just need to be sure that the gauge is good before I do. Thanks in advance!
  2. Really? No one has ever done this? I've done some poking in both vehicles and found the wiring in place under the hood on the non - equipped car, leading me to believe that the wiring would be in the steering column also. But, the lack of any vacuum lines to the control module makes me think that the ECM controls this. So, does ANYONE know if the ECM has to be swapped also?
  3. Has anyone ever done this? I have another complete car, both '98 models.
  4. Thanks,Terry. That's what I was afraid of. I hate tow dollies!
  5. I'm thinking of making the Contour a tow-along behind the motorhome. Can it be flat towed on a proper tow bar without damaging the transmission (automatic)? Thanks for all the help.
  6. Can it be? Have I stumped the Gurus of Contour? The Mavens of Mondeo? Is mine the only one to ever have this problem? No ideas from anyone??
  7. Hello....anyone,anyone? Bueller,Bueller?
  8. With no rhyme or reason,the battery light will come on. Might be at idle or at freeway speeds. Could stay lit 2 seconds or 15 minutes. Checking the charging system with my Snap-On tester when the light is lit(with EVERYTHING turned on) reveals full alternator output at all times. The battery is very recent. The wiring diagram shows a diode in the circuit to the lamp. Might this be the cause? If so,where would it be located? If not,can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. I know it's never been changed,AF. This was my mom's car,been in the family since new. Thanks guys!
  10. Do all Contours have one? The owner's manual gives service intervals & instructions on replacement,but says nothing about which models are so equipped. I'm getting plenty of airflow,so if I have one,there's not a problem with it...yet!
  11. No,I didn't. What would be the consequences of not doing so?
  12. Just a followup: Replaced the sensor (Bosch in a Carquest box,$44.00)and theMIL has yet to illuminate. As an extra,added benefit,the fuel economy has improved quite a lot,from 22-23 mpg to almost 27 on the last tank!
  13. That's what I was thinking,but it never hurts to ask others. Thanks!
  14. I've been getting the MIL illuminated,with this code. The car starts,runs & drives fine. It just turned 90,000 miles & the o2 sensor is the original unit. So,my question is,will replacing the sensor cure this or do I need to look further? The timing belt and related components were replaced at 82,000 miles.Thanks for your help/opinions!
  15. I just went through this with my '98. The solenoid pack needed replacing. I am a mechanic with over 40 years experience and I can tell you this is NOT a DIY project! I suggest you find a competent TRANSMISSION shop and have them perform a diagnosis. It ended up costing me $400 parts and labor to have this done,because the trans was in good shape otherwise. The CD4E is very complicated,and only someone truly familiar with them should be trusted to help you. Hope this helps,good luck!
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