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  1. So i found out how to change the PCV (a cheap $4 part every 30K miles or so)... SLAP THAT FORD ENGINEER WHO DESIGNED THIS ENGINE. Just slap him hard across the mouf! 'Remove the exhaust manifold heatshield' (with rusted bolts 20 minutes after the car was new) then, "either remove the exhaust manifold or the coolant thermostat housing' (Really?! REALLY?!) wow. just wow.
  2. oh - and where is the PCV? I can't find it... (1995 ZETEC 2.slOw with manual) ;)
  3. Running rough/bucking was fixed when i pulled the codes and swapped the MAF. There was also an EGR code so i cleaned it with brake cleaner... Car was fine for awhile and now she will stall at idle (starts right up) and sometimes stalls while driving... No CEL Plugs/wires look good She lives with one foot in the grave so i would not just start throwing parts at her... Suggestions? If it was fuel pump - why would it start up right away? And there is no surging or stumbling at high RPMs... Thanks!
  4. YESS!!!! I needed that! It showed white/black - which does yield codes!
  5. Ok I found http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Ford+OBD+Wiring+diagram&qpvt=Ford+OBD+Wiring+diagram&FORM=IGRE#view=detail&id=D421904BC82668D2A5B9B541A219854AA04E7839&selectedIndex=18 So my answer is "the white/purple wire is the 'single connector (self-test in)' at the OBD I connector". I will check this weekend. wish me luck.
  6. I still need help. The filter did not fix the original gripe. :( Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the ECU/connector? Thanks!
  7. This is very useful info for me - especially the pix! Last week i swapped the fuel filter to fix a fuel starvation problem - and i may need to replace the pump next if the problem persists. Of course - much easier for me with a '95/return fuel pump ;) What a great forum!
  8. I had cut off the OBD I connector from the wires (the connector looked melted and i was panicked over the first time i had seen a Contour send smoke signals ;) So now i want to read codes and need to know which color wire is the 'Self-Test IN' (Single connector) so i can ground it and count the flashes. The fuel filter was clogged and the car was losing power/generated a check engine light. I changed the filter - but would like to be able to double-check the codes generated. Thanks!
  9. I was driving on RTE 4 South yesterday (18 Feb) and saw once more a pretty SVT that i have seen a few other times. (I was not in Delores) -karl
  10. On a 95! No flat tire - but bummed. Found a scrapper local selling the strut and spring for $50... sigh...
  11. Excellent! I too have a 2004 Touring (Silver)... What a beast!
  12. Hey! Backacha from another MD "tour-ist... ;)
  13. If you still doubt it is the cat... * Is the floor board above it really hot? Unbolt the cat and see if it suddenly drives with much more powah! (not just louder) *the 'pipes melted at the DPFE' had me convinced...
  14. Ensure car is pointing up hill (cap is the highest point) run heat on high and rev the engine...
  15. With the cap off and the engine running - does a blip of the throttle show fluid moving? Could a hose be collapsing? What are the temps felt at the top hose at the radiator versus bottom hose (exit)? Much cooler or almost the same? Does turning the heater on full blast cause the temps to drop?
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