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    OK, mondeoman, I get you would know something on the topic of modding a zetec. Roy? It's been forever. Shotwell leaves the crickets alone. He instead picks on elk.
  2. Holy cow... a Marauder? If you're talking of the 32 valve 375 hp big 4 door built more recently than Contours, there were only a few of those beasts made. So a 5 spd zetec... there's another one of those in the neighborhood.
  3. So with this meet coming up, does anyone want to talk about picking up parts at this meet?


    and cobwebs. No one has anything contique going on? I have some JPCs and odds and ends I could offer for sale, but this could be a site for Corvairs at this point.
  5. Mike and Aussie Ford are both preoccupied on other fronts. Discussion of meet dates will wait until they can better assess their calendars.
  6. So there's upcoming evenings at PIR drags, track days on the road course, and getting the trans out of the parts cadaver so Mike has a driveway spot back. Three of our local guys have noticed The World of Speed automotive museum in Wilsonville OR, very close to I-5 exits, and not very distant from the Woodburn drags. And there's a grill and a firepit at Mike's. So... what's the interest out there for a to-be-determined Saturday visit at The World of Speed, followed by grilling at Mike's? Or some other thoughts? I recruited a buddy of Aussie Ford to assist me with grilling at Mike's, but he's another MBenz fan, so he'd probably not fit in with anyone... (Hey, is that an alfa romeo or a bernini?) And I can personally confirm that Bill aka mondeoman is NOT a figment of our imaginations. During a recent second face to face with Bill, when I brought up how some of our PNW guys have found good body/interior CSVTs with some replaceable system failure FOR CHEAP, I only had to drop like one sentence about moving my former daily driver's good parts (headers/quaife/Terry Haines/koni) onto a fresher body CSVT when Bill jumped in about finding a 3L to transplant/finish it. And why are there no shots posted here from the recent LeMay collection meet near Tacoma? There was a Hurst Olds and more Indy pace cars at the family house?
  7. That exhaust set up should really like to breathe. A dyno tune could end up meaning a big bunch of ponies, Then to have 3L torque, makes me wanna get set up with one.
  8. I'm fine with driving up the aircraft carrier, especially if Bill can be a stowaway. And someone set me up with cassettes for the trip.
  9. When are we scheduled to arrive at the LeMay location on 5/13/17? Anybody figuring to caravan up from Portland? Bill, are you working that day, or are you wanting a ride up?
  10. Satya: I might be attending with a guest but driving up in my beige boat. I also let a local old guy (about my age) know he can ride up with me if he's not stuck working that day. And Bill: Thank you for the Jerry contact info. He now knows there's this meet coming up. So maybe battery tie downs and heatshields can be topics on the agenda by this summer.
  11. PM sent. Maybe someone local has that part or quick access to one.
  12. maybe mondeoman has the name and phone number of the battery tiedown/heatshield fabricator guy, Bill had sold his silver svt to him? It's time to get him back in for discussing mods and meets and Bill talking to us again. We may have enough members here to do a run of the heatshields???
  13. Then maybe we need to check with Marty/Groovenerd, mondeoman is likely working that day, whatever happened to the guy who made the battery tie downs, he's supposed to be getting the same help to copy the heatshields.
  14. Looking at those pics,... I call dibs on the '67 Shelby fastback.
  15. What about an upcoming drive on the twisties past Mt. St. Helens?
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