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  1. i have a 98 contour se 2.5 that i picked up a few months ago. i have a couple problems. first i have 2 codes p0401 and p0420. i know the 401 is egr systems. but i replaced the egr valve and it is still showing the code. and the 420 cat efficiency is low(bank1). should i automatically replace the catylic converter?? or is there something else (cheaper) i can test first?? and secondly i have a problem with the coolant overflow tank.. when i drive the car for a lil bit the coolant starts to come up to the top of the reservior and spills out. so i am affraid to drive my car long distances. i wont even take it on the freeway because im nervous about it overheating. couold this be caused by the cat being clogged and bringing too much presure to the engine? or is it something like the thermostat?? i would appreciate it if you could help me out. thanks
  2. hey. glad to have you on here.. it seems like nobody is on here..
  3. Name: ford contour se sport (1998) Date Added: 10 February 2012 - 02:48 AM Owner: kenfolk510 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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