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  1. no doubt. I've rebuilt and removed all kinds of starters and alternators. This starter in my contour se 2.0 l is a pain in the . . .
  2. Took the lining off yet the bolt does not clear the subframe. Can I remove the bracket underneath
  3. Ok how do I remove the alternator? All the bolts have been removed and electrical disconnected. Problem is the lower bolt does not clear in order to be removed so I can pull the alternator out. What is the easiest way to do this. I own a 2000 2.0 L 4 cylinder automatic SE.
  4. I just bought a ford contour se 2000 4 banger. Needs lots of work. How do I remove the fuel pump assembly?
  5. how would I check for power at the pump? Just use a meter?
  6. Cool beans. So I checked the safety switch in the front and was wondering are those supposed to rattle? When I push it down it stays down till I push it up. Is this normal?
  7. is there a way to fix this issue perhaps a way to unlock the pump or should it be replaced? There seems to be no fuel pressure. When I take the gas cap off there is no evidence of pressure release. When I removed the injectors no pressure seemed to be evident either. Thanks again for your help I really want this car to be my first rebuild, piece by piece if necessary
  8. Ok I checked the injectors and they are clicking how they should be I believe. Is it possible that there is a bad ground with the fuel pump? The car is a little rusty and some corrosion is present. What should I check next?
  9. Sounds good I'll try that shortly and reply back this evening. Thanks for the info!
  10. I recently bought a 2000 contour se for 2 bills. It has been sitting parked for about 2 years. It will start with starting fluid but I'm trying to figure out all possibilities before I replace the fuel pump. I removed the fuel injectors to check the ohm readings. In the Haynes manual and other places I looked the resistance should be between 13.7 and 15.2 ohms. All four of mine read 18. Do I replace these or is this normal? It has 113,000 miles and a 4 banger engine. Thank you for any help with this matter.
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