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  1. Mine is a very early 1998. It was built September 1997.
  2. I have a 1998 SVT that has wiring harness issues. Anyone know where a new engine wiring harness can be purchased? SVT harness is different than regular V6. 1998 Contours apparently had wiring harness issues early on. Insulation becomes brittle, breaks apart and allows wires to fuse together. I've owned car for three years putting 15,000 miles on it. Its been a good ride and would like to keep it going. All help greatly appreciated. Wayne Ferrell San Angelo, TX 76904
  3. Thanks to Br Apple & Buckeye for thier in put. How do I remove the glass panel? I went to a local auto upholstery shop & he said you had to remove headliner to get sunshade panel out. His cost estimate to me was a little excessive.
  4. I own an early Torreador Rd 1998 Contour SVT. The fabric on the inner sun roof panelv isw coming loose and falling down. How do I take that panel out and reattach the fabric? Thank you in advance for the assistance.
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