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  1. Hi terry Have built this engine with balanced crankshaft assembly. K1 rods . Cp pistons. Svt cams etc. Have added unichip rev extend module and last dyno run produced 261 hp crank figure at 7400 revs . In this engine I think the roller rockers would be the first thing to break and wonder if you had a figure in mind . I was told they break around 8.000 revs
  2. hi terry this one maybe for electronics expert with my 3 litre engine built from the ground up with billet rods, forged pistons, ported heads and st200 cams, 19 lb injectors was clear the st 24 ecu needed some help so I went along with a unichip piggy back unit , was wired in and set up on the dyno everything seemed to be fine until I plugged in a code reader and found a p 0320 fault code so as I also have a cougar with no faults , swopped the crank , and cam sensors, checked the loom etc but could not get rid of the fault unplug unichip , clear code , and that's it fixed , refit unichip and code back up again in a minute unichip dealer put my map into another unit , tried that and still the same , fault code up am running out of ideas , does my ecu not like the reconfigured pulse from the crank sensor ,when routed through the unichip or am I missing something else as my st 24 does not have a cel on the dash no fault codes can be seen until a reader is plugged in , am I right is saying there is no safe map either ,
  3. think even with that hp you should consider upgrading the rods and pistons, otherwise your engine life will probably be short lived
  4. have the 1998 st24 , and a 2000 cougar , and the cougar is around 50cc larger as it has 0.5 mm larger bore does anyone know from what engine number the change took place as I also have a 2.5 st200 engine also 2000 year in the garage and would like to know what size it is , my intention is to fit st24 cams into this st200 engine and fit to the cougar
  5. hi terry 3l rebuild underway , valves stripped out of heads, going to clean up the ports, and recut the valve seats, from what I see of specs ex valve seat width is supposed to be around 1.5mm , mine all look at least double that anyway what I would like to know is what is the easiest way to remove the old valve stem seals from the heads, as I will fit a new set
  6. yep what I thought , so my rebuild has come just around on time bores look good with cross hatching visible the length of the bore and those rods that are fracture broken, they look ridiculous when they are apart , and big end shells look like poor quality also
  7. just stripped the 3l engine tonight, prior to having crank assembly, flywheel , etc balanced, set of f1 rods and cp pistons now I have stripped many motorcycle engines and in every case the big end shells are well sprung in place and a fair amount of pressure required to remove them so was surprised when I lifted every big end rod cap the shell came away from the cap and remained on the crank, same for the other shell when rod pushed away , and true for all six in every case the tabs of the shells were still lining up with the rod and cap tabs so question is , is this normal for duratec engine engine or was I getting close to spinning shells all shell bearing surfaces and crank surface in good condition
  8. hi terry I know that the map file can be pulled from my ecu to make mapping changes , and in the file there will be many maps, what is used to identify . or how are the maps coded so you can identify what map is what thanks
  9. Hi terry looking at a st200 ecu on ebay with a key . Which i could fit to my 3l st24. I have a set of refurbed orange injecters . Not fitted and st200 maf. Question is the st200 ecu with key. Is that all required for ford to reprogramme my keys and pats to work with that ecu
  10. hi again terry, was thinking of a set of f1 rods , and forged piston set , but what is the safe limit that the roller rockers can go to
  11. on my port matched 3l conversion with st220 engine I am going to fit svt cams which should suit the long and short runners of the upper manifold, already is so easy to hit rev limiter in second , and sure the svt cams will give even more top end push . was wondering with a complete stock 3l engine , and have heard somewhere the st220 uses firmer valve springs than some of the 3l engines used in the usa. is it safe to extend the rev limiter a bit on this engine or will the bottom end let go
  12. good timing 2 old stock original ford sensors on e bay for £ 60 posted , a fraction of the new price not the easiest to fit but thank goodness they had been out when I did the 3l swop , so were easy enough to get shifted noticed the sensors for both banks were fairly sooty from the richness wonder if the plastic maf body from an st 200 that I replaced my st24 alloy one might flow a different amount off air through the sensor duct, I did fit my st24 sensor into it anyways have got a set of orange injectors refurbed so will fit them when I arrange for a remap this summer
  13. yes makes some sense , no fault codes showing, but yesterday when I was driving with the tailgate slightly open , carrying large item , when I was coming on the throttle at low revs , I could smell what was being drawn into the car was petrol laden , the trip computer also showing better mph at 65 mph than 45-50 mph is it possible for an o2 sensor to be on its way out but not show up a fault code yet , as maybe around 5 to 6 thousand miles ago was a time when exhaust was smelling of rotten eggs, car is 1998 st24 with 77.000 miles on sensors ,
  14. hi again terry if injectors are at max duty cycle how does that result in the tail pipes of the exhaust being sooty, my logic tells me if the injectors are at max duty cycle then the engine should be running lean , but a sooty exhaust suggests it is running rich . what am I missing
  15. so way I see it , my oil catch tank was just drawing air into the rocker covers and unmetered air also, no wonder it was never catching anything, guess a replumb is in order
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