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  1. It seems as though they deliver like you schedule things, "lets leave about 8" really means, "you'll be lucky to see me between 12 and 4, but most likely 4"
  2. That sounds like a great idea, maybe next weekend, I know a guy that will not only grill but also tell horrible jokes and never ending obscure sports references!
  3. That's the one with vvt and needs new wiring harnesses new comp, if we were interested in that much work it would become a 3.0lt. That seems to be the consensus, just different sensors and placement but a pretty straight forward swap. I think my dad found a good low milage '97 ztech, we just wanted to ensure they are the same until '98. Thanks.
  4. Oh I forgot to mention the knock in the engine....there is a knock in the engine. Now if I could just get a big enough hook, line, and lure......no wait I can't afford the boat I would need, never mind.
  5. Sounds like a rod knock, on the bright side, if you ever get any really big paper you now have a really big paper weight for it. See there is always a silver lining.
  6. Also, a\c's don't just get low, if its low it has a leak and someone who knows what they are doing should evacuate the system and fix it, you can't just add more and have it work right.
  7. Thermostats do go bad, but if you don't know a\c's don't mess with them take em to a shop. The oil is in the refrigerant it cannot be exposed to air, do not add oil, too much oil in those is worae than too little. If you get the can with the guage and follow the directions properly, it will tell you if it even needs refrigerant.
  8. My first thought is swap wires around to ensure wires on #1+5 are good, but that is probably unlikely. So realistically,if it isn't power going there (because the rest get spark) and the plug, wires and coil pack are good then it can only be the wires connecting power to the coil pack.
  9. Hi everybody, so my dad (aussieford) loaned me his '95 contour, and just as everything he ever loans me it blows up in my hands and he stands back going, "WHAT'D YOU DO!!!? it worked fine when I gave it to you." And no matter how much I remind him, "no dad, thats why I have been calling you saying this thing isn't right, can't put my finger on it but its driving weird and dying for no reason." It all amounts to nothing. On to the question, we both agree there are a few good options here; 1- fix it, but that is extensive and expensive, so we are both against it right now. 2- put in a different engin, I'm OK with it and he favors it so we will probably do it. So the big question is can a '96 or '97 go into a '95 with a ztech swap or are they too different like the '98 is? Also, I could ask does anyone know of a good low milage ztech out there preferably a '95? That is the dilemma as he sees it, as I see it there is yet another possibility you could weigh in on for me. I believe this is just enough evidence to have him committed and pull the plug, or is it too soon? Anyways, thanks guys, I look forward to your feedback.
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