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  1. Wow! and I thought it was cramped under the hood of a 'tour! haha Nice lookin ride.....It's def got the stance right!
  2. In my opinion, it doesn't take much reading to see that most people on this site really love their cars. If you want someone to adopt it and give it a loving home, this is a good place to find someone. Most people here seem to know contours and appreciate how special an SVT is. Of course, whoever buys it, here or elswhere, is pretty much guarenteed to love the power, sound and style of an SVT. It took me all of about 3 seconds of the test drive of mine before I HAD to have it! I'm sure you'll be sad to see it go but good luck, I hope it works out well for ya! -Dave
  3. When I wired mine, I wired em to a 3-way toggle switch. UP=on with parking/head lights, DOWN=on (constant pwr) CENTER=off I like having the option, especially since I'm not sure how "street legal" they are 'round here.
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    Under da hood

  5. So it took me most of the day, but I got em apart. As long as they were open, I went with some carbon fiber and some "Audi style" LED's. Came out pretty sweet I think. I'll have to get a better pic in the daylight...
  6. I found many videos on YouTube. As long as it's apart....any ideas on a paint color? Silver car.......I think I'll add some blue to the engine bay....lights too?..... I was also thinking Carbon Fiber vinyl in the lights. I've seen some painted body color, looks nice, but silver isn't much different. I don't think I want em too dark tho.
  7. I knew there had to be a way to get them apart. I was considering maybe some paint or something too if I could. They're in great shape, just water in it. It's that one ugly item left when the whole car is clean and detailed, ya know? Thanks!
  8. My drivers side headlight is full of water. I cleaned and dried it all out but next rain...it's full again. Should I just run some clear silicone around the lense to seal it back up? or break down and get a new one. And is it possible to pull them apart, as in, take the lense off of the housing?
  9. FYI I was having a similar issue with my '98. After reading this, I looked into those little "keepers" and suprise suprise, the front one was crumbled and missing a tab. This was keeping the front bank from closing all the way, as it had too much play in it and didn't pull the bank all the way shut. So even tho it was there and connected, it was worn out. (Easy to see with the TB and Intake off.) One little piece of plastic later....it made a noticable difference in the smoothness at low RPM. I never would of thought to look at that little bugger, Thanks for the info!! BTW- I found the clip in a "door lock rod clip assortment" at our local Advance Auto. $4.
  10. Name: Ford SVT Contour (1998) Date Added: 29 July 2012 - 01:09 PM Owner: 98SVTinVT Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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