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  1. Checked out the Cougar Forums, lot of good Info, I know the basics are the same with the cougar but will the Info found there transfer over to a SVT anyone know for sure? Thanks David
  2. Owned a Mystique 2.5 LS from 1998 to 2004 when the car was totaled out in a wreck Missed the car and its handaling so I just bought a 2000 SVT (200K Miles). It needs a new motor interested in a swap to a 3.0 but based on the diffrent things I have read online im left with a few questons. Seems that the LS motor is to big but other boards seems to imply that a 3.0 out of Ford Escape or Merc Mariner will work. I see that Dom's shop uses Taurus Motors. So my queston is does an Escape motor work? I see them online for sale with 30-40k miles for sale at pretty good prices I am assuming that the Taraus Motors have a lot more miles. Has anyone tried an Escape motor or have any feed back? Also I asume with the bigger motor that i should up grade the clutch any sugestions? Thanks David
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