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  1. Will I get a CEL for the IMRC or can that be taken out with a tune? Is there any re-sale value for the SVT PCM?
  2. For those not familiar with it I have the V6Mistake-a 2.5L SVT V6 swapped Ford Focus. Nice little upgrade from the Zetec which resided in the car previously. However it has a lower oil leak and stock exhaust manifolds and a seized A/C compressor (re-routed belt) all of which I would like to rectify over the winter. Been doing a lot of reading on the full 3.0L swap and I think I am going to pull the 2.5 and swap a newer 3.0L. Currently I am running a stock SVT pcm but the question is if I do the swap do I need to swap to a Taurus PCM and PATS key as well? I will be swapping to a set of hea
  3. No guarantee to fix it but look at the 02 sensors-esp. the front one. With the previous P0171 and the symptoms described it is where I would look next.
  4. I used a spare Focus A/C bracket to make a couple of items including this PCV plate. You can see on the left where I cut off two "ears" to weld to the bellhousing. I then ground off the top mounting holes. Looking at the pics in the Sevenesque pictures I toyed with the idea of an adapter plate so I fabbed one up out of clear plext to see how it would work out.
  5. Pics of the mods to the bellhousing...
  6. I have a modified bellhousing sitting in the garage. Came from a 2.3 T-5 from a Mustang. It gets you 80% of the way home-I had the top two bolt holes re-located to match the Zetec block. For more info (where I got my inspiration) look here... http://sevenesque.com/powertrain
  7. What a 2.5 V6 looks like in a Focus... And a better pic of the car.
  8. Greetings from Calgary! Not technically a Contour owner but I have a Contour powered car. It's a 2000 Ford Focus with a swapped Contour SVT 2.5. Some of you may know of this car as the V6mistake from it's previous owner. Just a quick pic as it sits now. Looking forward to learning more about all things 2.5!
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