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  1. "ps - pic is of my car about 8 years ago, is alot nicer now..." Bro, I'd kill for my car to look like that. Speaking of that, not to hyjack your thread but is it at all possible to get a front clip from a Mondeo ST200 sent to Kansas? And probably the side skirts and rear bumper cover to match?
  2. On your 2.0 it's under the air filter towards the passenger rear side of the air box.
  3. I've looked at the wikipedia page for the Zetec engine a few times hadn't seen the one for the Zeta engine thought thank you jefo. I am looking more for the technical specs i.e. bore, stroke, cam profile, valve size, compression ratio, horsepower, torque, etc. on one page.
  4. So a couple of years ago I had recently bought my car. As I looked into what could be done to make it faster I found that everything had been done and none of it amounted to very much power. Then I started looking at other cars with the zetec and found a whole world of fun and exciting things. I swear I read somewhere on this forum that the Contour has a transmission tunnel, even if it is small. So that gave me ideas. Then I found the Focus guys had done a lot with the zetec they got. It would be nice if the SVT engine would swap in and I'd have a 4 banger SVT Contour. But alas there are thing
  5. Is there a comprehensive zetec cross reference somewhere? I'm looking for as much info as possible for all zetec engines. I know there are slight differences even in the Contours with the late model VCT engines. I know that the bore and stroke of the Focus 2.0 is a little different according to the Chilton manual I read at the library probably two years ago so that's about all I remember.
  6. Where do you get forged internals for a Contour?
  7. I'm in Kansas, 45 minutes from Missouri. Grew up in Missouri about two hours from where I currently live. My Contour was owned by my grandmother's neighbor, nice lady. She didn't drive it much, currently 40 some thousand on the clock. Unfortunately a couple months after I bought it it was riddled with hail. I hope to own one someday that looks good and runs good.
  8. I wondered if the silverstars were blue. I'm not a fan of driving towards them, I've never been behind them but I know I'm not a fan of blue tint LED flashlights. I like the auto body sandpaper method as I already have 1000 grit. What type and brand of rubbing compound do you use?
  9. That's alright. Pardon my ignorance but what are caged bolts and are they a specific type of spacer? Thanks for the picks they definitely make a difference. Are the Silverstars the best low beams for these cars? And do they still look that good even if the lenses are oxidized really bad?
  10. +1 where you at? I have wondered what it would cost to have one rewired as I think that would be beneficial to mine. I've got a 4 banger so it may be cheaper but prolly not enough to make a difference. Did they use pre-made harnesses or did they make new ones, do you know? By the way that car is slick.
  11. Where did you get the Toyota fog lights, do you know what model they are from, do you know the part number by chance? Thanks. I've been wanting to get some fog lights but the stock ones are expensive and I'm guessing they aren't all that bright.
  12. What happened? I am getting ready to replace my alternator this weekend.
  13. As far as I know the problem has to be in the alternator circuit somewhere. I would take a multimeter and start at the alternator and check the voltage there and work your way to the battery. If it isn't the alternator then it must be a connection somewhere along the way.
  14. I replaced both of my oxygen sensors before the MAF. It didn't change anything but probably because they weren't bad. It's worth a shot thought though, if you shop around you can find them as low as $25.
  15. I had this problem as well, and a couple others. I replaced the MAF and that helped the idle and dying at stop lights/signs. I purchased an AIP Electronics MAF from and eBay store. It has worked great and a lot cheaper than others I had looked up. The only place that came close was Rock Auto.
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