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  1. thanks. looking for ps pump and pulley also! found an svt rack listed on autozone as 2.25 ratio vs cougars 2.8.
  2. looking to swap my cougar rack for an SVT one. seems like there are more members here now then CEG. anyone selling one? or if anyone has part numbers of where i could source one that'd be great thanks
  3. whats the events scheduled for the meet? someone was telling me track day or drags later? im just trying to convince myself to make the drive. lol
  4. yup! i used them. good professional shop. if you want a good tune you gotta keep payin that hourly rate! i actually got the PRP software myself and took multiple dyno tuning classes and do my own tuning now. not only on our platform either
  5. im thinking about it! if i can get a friend or two to come i will be making the drive from spokane
  6. guess what the ups guy brought! out with the old. in with the new! in other news... new subframe is also getting painted. going to be a pretty amazing view. stay tuned
  7. what would your recommendation be at this point? new fluid without any additives?
  8. im not trying to power shift either. just be able to shift fast. it almost restricts me from going any faster then normal. any suggestions? maybe try different oils? or get that additive out of there?
  9. damn. so whats with everyone saying the torsen needs the motorcraft friction modifier? coud that be the cause? didnt really do much on my old transmission
  10. i have some very specific questions in two separate areas.. ive been reading a lot on motor oil additives and how zinc and molybdenum are anti wear items. so i read you shouldnt have more then 1800ppm of zddp or else it would start eating metals. nothing about moly though... but how does does moly effect engine components? would it hurt to add more moly? most motor oil already has some moly in it but is more bad? all that research got me to thinking about my transmission.. when i "rebuilt" mine, i took 2 trannys apart and used only the best parts from both to put 1 together, includ
  11. recently fitted me some shoes. rolled rear quarter. and im still drooling over that fitment
  12. i dont remember but i could find out. but i wouldnt use it. it sounds terrible! lol. i switched to my single now. its because of the true dual. it needs to connect into a single pipe either before the muffler or after to make the sounds resonate better.
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